Subscription servicing

Subscription services in recruitment - it's the reduction of costs for personnel selection, since its value substantially lower than the cost of classical recruiting.

If you have a need in staffing of the new or reorganized activity, or you have a need in the selection of experts for a long time, or you are looking for independent experts from outside for the selection and management of personnel, the service of subscription recruitment is obviously for you.

"Subscription servicing" provides a discount on the recruitment of up to 20%.

High qualification of our experts of staff selection, presence of own extensive base of resumes that is daily updated, and high standards of work, allows us to select the best qualified staff and to build an effective personnel policy.

"Subscription recruitment servicing" from our company of staff selection is as follows:

  1. Subscription recruitment servicing for companies is realized through a contract that is concluded after the meeting with the customer's company. At the meeting, we specify the need of personnel selection, studying the corporate culture of the organization, setting of tasks to employees and overall business goals of the company.
  2. The minimum duration of the subscription servicing contract is 3 months .
  3. The contract allows to rank the categories of personnel for selection
  4. Our company, in case of customer preferences assumes full personnel document flow and responsibility for labor relations.
  5. We reserve the control of the quality and efficiency of staff
  6. All job rotations and replacement provided free of charge
  7. Our company is teaching effective work for free personnel of the company
  8. Payment is made on a monthly basis, at a rate of fixed tariff amount, within the period specified by the subscription servicing contract, regardless of the number and categories of selected experts.

We always take into account the peculiarities of business activity of our customers, therefore proposals and specifics of subscription services is developed for each organization separately.

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