Obtaining of permits for employement of foreigners

Obtaining of permits for employement of foreigners

Documents necessary to obtain permission for using foreign labor by employers, who is hiring a foreign worker. This permit allows to the employer to temporarily use a certain foreigner work on a particular workplace or a specific post.

Resolution on the using of labor of the foreigner is issued by the employment center at the place of registration of the employer as a payer of insurance contributions to the compulsory state social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment.

Our company is delivering the following services in the field of labor law

  • permission to use foreign labor;
  • prolongation of a term permission to use foreign labor;
  • visa support type IM-1;
  • assisting in the implementation of the temporary registration of residence of the foreigner in Ukraine.

Permission to use the labor of an alien shall be issued for up to one year, and for foreigners who are classified as "intra- assignee" or "persons providing services without a commercial presence in Ukraine" - no more than three years . At the same time, if necessary, this time limit may be extended if the employer, no later than one month before the expiry of the permit, contact to the appropriate employment center.

Obtaining permission to use foreign labor is the basis for foreigners to obtain a visa of appropriate type of registration of a temporary residence in Ukraine and a residence permit for a period of validity of the authorization.

So, duly certified copy of the authorization for the employment of foreigners employer applies to foreigners, who directs consular office of Ukraine for permanent residence of foreigners for the purpose of obtaining appropriate type of a visa to enter in Ukraine, as well as the migration service for registration of the temporary residence of the foreigner in Ukraine.

According to the Rules of visa documents for entry to Ukraine (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated February 20, 1999 № 227, persons who enter in Ukraine with the purpose of employment is issued an immigrant visa IM- 1.

It is worth noting that the use of foreign labor by the employer without the permission of the use of such labor, by civil service employment with the employer charges a penalty for each such person twenty-fold minimum wage established by law.

In addition, employers who invite foreigners for employment, not only provide the permission for the use of foreign labor, and also provide the passport document registration of foreigners with the appropriate body of the migration service, as reported by the employment center, and in the case of a foreigner without a valid reason not started to work in the job afreement (contract) term, within three working days to notify the migration authorities, the State Border Service and employment Center.

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