Resume, Miscellaneous

ID Date Position Experience Salary
2240 19.11.2012 Senior Lecture 7 years 0 UAH
1657 05.10.2012 Teacher 10 years 0 UAH
1481 26.09.2012 4 years 0 UAH

In this section of our base you will find  summaries of the different categories of professionals. In particular, here are summaries of students, laborers resumes, resume of assistant workers, resumes of specialists without qualification , resume of builders, resume loader, a summary of the promoters and other resumes that fall into this category.

Dear employers, focusing your attention on the fact that the base of resumes of the sphere of  miscellaneous is not complete, and is only a small part of the resume, which constitute the database of our staffing agency. This base of summaries of miscellaneous sphere is updated daily. Search and selection of personnel for your application for recruitment areas of miscellaneous sphere  is carried out in the period from 5 to 20business days, depending on the complexity of jobs and the characteristics of your requirements for open positions. To apply for the selection of specialist in miscellaneous sphere you can fill out our special form of the "Post a vacancy" on the website or call the employment agency directly to our recruiting company, the phone numbers are listed on the contact page, and our experts will answer all questions.