Resume, IT, telecommunications, communications

Resume, IT, telecommunications, communications

ID Date Position Experience Salary
2192 15.11.2012 IT Infrastructure Specialist 16 years 0 UAH
2157 13.11.2012 IT Project Manager 4 years 0 UAH
2129 12.11.2012 Manager 7 years 0 UAH
1731 11.10.2012 Junior Consultant (Business Analyst) CRM 4 years 0 UAH
1332 14.09.2012 IT Manager 4 years 0 UAH
1177 04.09.2012 Database Developer/Application Developer 12 years 0 UAH
1166 04.09.2012 International roaming finance specialist 1 year 0 UAH
1094 30.08.2012 Developer Oracle 0 years 20000 UAH
750 02.08.2012 Software engineer 6 years 0 UAH
427 26.07.2012 Senior Manager, Research and Development at WiSOL Singapore PTE 0 years 0 UAH

In this section of our resume database you will find professionals of IT, Telecommunications and communication sphere.

In particular here presented resume IT Director,  resume of a specialist of IT sales, resume of Product Manager, resume of software developers, resume of system analyst , resume of database developer, web designer resume, resumes of programming specialists, IOS Developer, Senior HTML/CSS developer, JavaScript Developer, Senior Java Developer, Senior Java Server Developer, Systems Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, PHP developers, and other summaries of this sector.

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Dear employers, focusing your attention on the fact that the database of  IT market specialists, telecommunication and communication is not complete, and it is only a small part of the resumes, which constitute the database of our recruitment agency.

This resume database of IT technologies is updated daily. Search and selection on your application request for recruitment of IT personnel, telecommunications and communication is carried out in the period between 5 and 20 working days, depending on the complexity of jobs and the characteristics of your requirements for the open position.

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