Staff recruitment

Search for staff - professional services in the field of recruiting by Head Hunting and Executive Search provided by our company for direct employers.

«Personal selection for opened positions of client is provided as follows:»
  1. 1.Receiving requests for personnel selection from the client
  2. 2.Signing the agreement on the provision of recruitment services
  3. 3.Collection and analysis of the summaries for the client's vacancy by recruiters of our company
  4. 4.Telephone scripping of summaries
  5. 5.Personal interview: test of professional competence and personal characteristics of candidates
  6. 6.Passage of professional and psychological tests by the candidate
  7. 7.Verification of the candidate recommendations from previous jobs
  8. 8.Formation of a portrait of the candidate and provide information about the candidate to the client
  9. 9.Interview the client - the employer with the candidate
  10. 10.Solution of client on candidate
  11. 11.Warranty service - providing rapid change of candidate during the trial period the candidate without extra charge


Dates of recruitment depend on the complexity of vacancy, averaging between 5 to 30 working days.

«The cost of recruitment is equal to one month's salary of the employee, whom we choose, without prepayment, and provided on such conditions of cooperation:»
Our efficiency Number of days
Agreement of all vacancy details with Client. Contract signing and start of the work 1 - 4
Recommendation of the first candidates. Provision of the Candidate's full job profile to the Client from 5
Guaranteed replacements in the case of not passing of the probation period by the recommended candidate 90


Our recruitment company to achieve their professional goals, gathered a staff of experts of different spheres of activities and industries. We have developed a professional tests that we use for the selection of high quality and professionally skilled staff.

«The accumulated experience in the recruiting services market, informative database, resume base, a personal monitoring the development of the labour market allows us to study and find the specialists, who will decide the business objectives of your company.»

Professional search personnel that best suits the customers expectations of recruiting - this is the main task of our business.

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Staff recruitment