Recruitment company Gloria

Our recruitment agency engaged in search and selection of personnel of various specialties and levels: TOP, middle, low

«Our recruiting is based on:»
  1. 1.Experience of the practical application of various psychological techniques personality assessment, as well as assessing the level of competency of staff performance.
  2. 2.Knowledge and understanding of HR-processes, and their interrelationships.
  3. 3.Knowledge of the labor laws of Ukraine, HR administration.

Recruiting from our company - it's always quick response, professional candidates and guaranteed replacement and favorable conditions.

«Implement Recruiting the following steps:»
  1. 1.Obtaining and reviewing applications for recruitment: clarification of information from the company - the employer, acquaintance with the specific of activity of the customer, the formation of the profile positions in open position.
  2. 2.Develop a strategy to find a candidate by our specialists.
  3. 3.Professional learning of resumes.
  4. 4.Conducting telephone interviews.
  5. 5.Interview the candidates for the position of the company - the employer in our office: checking the appropriate skills and abilities of the candidate to the requirements of the post, check the professional competence of the candidate, the formation of personal portrait of the candidate, passing by candidates professional and personality tests.
  6. 6.Checking references from previous jobs for candidates who have been interviewed.
  7. 7.Preparing and sending resumes of suitable candidates to the client.
  8. 8.Customer choice of candidates, which he wants to invite for an interview.
  9. 9.Interview with the company of our recommended candidates for - the employer (in our office or in the office - the customer).
  10. 10.Customer approval of the candidate for the position.
  11. 11.Closing the position.


Contact information:

tel.: +38 044 229-33-70

tel.: +38 067 238-07-75



ЗFor the registration of the application for recruitment, please contact our head office at the address given in contact or fill out the application form for recruitment.  

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