Accounting and legal services

Start working with professionals. Consulting company "Gloria" - a new stage in the development of your business and achieving of success. We are providing competent accounting and legal services for businesses.

Accounting austrosing from consulting company "Gloria" - it is a professional work of a competent team of professionals. Accounting services from our company not only save you time, but also will ensure the correctness of the accounting and tax accounting in your company.

«Accounting services include:»
  • Consultations (oral and written) on maintaining of accounting and tax accounting.
  • Organization of accounting and tax accounting;
  • Statement of accounting for the new enterprises of various organizational - legal forms of ownership (FLP, LLC, PO etc);
  • Formation of the entity's accounting policies, the development and formulation of the basic principles and methods of accounting and taxation;
  • Tax planning;
  • Control and coordination of preparation of primary documents including to the program 1C;
  • Registration of tax bills in the USR (the only state register);
  •   Control of the validity of the transactions;
  •   Monitoring of changes in legislation and changes in the forms;
  • Formation and submission of all required reporting to the appropriate state agencies;
  • Calculation of the necessary amounts of taxes and fees to the state budget and various funds, as well as control the timing of payment of taxes;
  • Calculation of employees (calculation and payment of wages);
  • Drawing up of management reports;

Our company provides professional legal services, starting with the registration (creation) of the company and continue to its comprehensive legal services.

«Legal services include:»
  • Legal consultations;
  • Implementation of state registration of enterprises;
  • Representation of interests in state executive service of the State Fiscal Service and others;
  • Legal examination of documents for compliance with the current legislation;
  • Legal assessment of contracts and supporting of documentation;
  • Business correspondence;
  • Drafting of contracts;
  • Negotiating with the client's counterparties to agree on terms of the contract;
  • Development of HR documentation;
  • Development of internal work regulations (Job descriptions, Employment agreement, Financial liability contract, Regulations on commercial secrets, Drawing of the collective agreement and its registration);
  • Changes to the state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

In order to clarify all the details of the accounting and legal services, please, turn at our office, the address is listed on the  contact page

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