Recruitment agency Gloria - Advantages

  • High standards of work
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism
  • Privacy
  • Attention to detail
  • Specialization
  • Global Reach
  •  Ethics
  • Good reputation in business circles of Ukraine and Kiev
  • No pre-payment

Recruiting company "Gloria" provides a complete solution of personnel issues: from the review of salaries to the development and implementation of HR strategy. Recruitment agency is committed to reliability and long-term partnerships with customers of staff recruitment and builds relationships based on mutual respect. The team of recruitment company - it's a team of experts who have industry specialization.

We selecting staff of different professional fields. Every specialist of our recruitment company specializes in a certain area of recruitment and is an expert in the chosen direction.

We guarantee the confidentiality of information provided to us as by the Client of the recruitment agency, as well as candidates. This is achieved by using a corporate information security systems and specially developed technology of search and selection. Every company-customer of recruitment services is unique, and attention to detail helps us to take into account the specifics of the project and selection of staff to choose the candidate that best meets the needs of the client's company of  personnel agency.

We are not afraid of challenging projects and ready to solve the atypical problems. We have an opportunity to seek highly qualified candidates in Ukraine, and not only in Kiev, thanks to embedded franchise program of recruitment agency.

We value our reputation and eliminate the occurrence of situations that might cause any damage to the Customer or the Candidate. We do not take an advance payment, since the recruitment agency works on the result rather than the process and it is for the result the client pays for our services. We have the most favorable financial conditions for cooperation in the recruitment market of Kiev, the cost of recruitment services is one employee salaries, without any annual interest.

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