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Dear applicants, with the help of our recruitment agency you can find a job in Kiev and in Ukraine. Recruiting company enters into a contract with the employer, so services for job seekers are completely free.
If you have a good working reputation, you are a highly qualified specialist of your profession and or promising young professionals, or if you are honest and responsible, send us your resume to our database.

List of current vacancies

ID Position Experience Salary
1540 Estate management manager 0 UAH
1537 Copywriter 0 UAH
1535 Senior PHP developer 0 UAH
1534 SMM-manager 0 UAH
1533 QA Engineer 0 UAH
1532 PPC 0 UAH
1531 PR manager 0 UAH
1530 Financial director 0 UAH
1529 Revenue manager 0 UAH
1528 Sales manager 0 UAH
1525 Full stack Web-developer 0 UAH
1524 Bilingual (Russian/Mandarin) Research Analyst 0 UAH
1523 Chief accountant 0 UAH
1522 PR and marketing manager 0 UAH
1519 Manager-designer on the kitchens sales in the furniture salon, kitchens of the premium class 0 UAH
1517 Director of the salon 0 UAH
1516 Brand-manager (clothes) 0 UAH
1513 Director of the furniture salon, kitchens, and lightning of the premium class 0 UAH
1506 Director of development (cosmetics for hair), city Odesa 0 UAH
1504 Lawyer 0 UAH
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Mandatory conditions for your recommendation to our clients:

  • Full compliance of your skills and abilities to required by the application for the selection of personnel (vacancies)
  • Full compliance of your personal qualities to required by the application for the selection of personnel (vacancies)
  • The presence of positive recommendations from previous jobs (checking by our recruiting managers)
  • The absence of any negative factors and personal problems that affect to the quality of your work
  • The passage of the interview in our recruitment company with our expert required (we do not pay attention to what other staffing agency simply sends your resume to his client without seeing you in the eye - we are professionals and work differently, and there are no exceptions)
  • The passage of mandatory tests, developed by our experts, if it is required by a particular vacancy.
  • The lack of your candidate in our black list summary (feet up), there are summaries of candidates who have been convicted of fraud, dishonesty, and other professional misconduct.
  • Your desire to work and grow with the company – employer.

Find a job easy only if you are really professional. We work with leading companies - employers. Many of our candidates thanks to us significant positions in the best companies of Ukraine. We have roads and valuable candidates. Our principle is to work with applicants states: "There is no right or wrong candidate, could be suitable for a specific position or inappropriate." If you are willing to cooperate with professional recruiters, we are waiting for your resume.