Employment in Kiev

Employers of Kiev have a new feature  - to test prospective employees with astrologers, psychics, and social networking pages. But the lie-detector test, was once popular with Mayor Chernovetsky, is no longer in fashion and used solely for the selection of housekeepers, nannies and drivers. "Segodnya," learned how to excel, employers, selecting new employees.

Social networks and the detector. About the fact that will be waiting for the applicant  in the personnel department, the company is now written directly in the proposals for the job. "In summary, you have to show all your social networking page. It is better to send a link to them together with a summary in advance "- such a position of PR manager of a large international company, we found on a site where looking for work. "Profiles" VKontakte "," Classmates "," facebook "to send, we request to verify the adequacy of future employees. For example, if it turns out that the photo they are drunk or half naked, will not take. Our staff - a person of the company, therefore, should show itself only with the positive side, "- told us the employee of the personnel department of Helen. Immediately there is a vacancy of assistant of construction company, which states: "Before to get the post, you will have to pass a test on IQ».

"Do not be surprised if such tests are almost all applicants for admission. Employers are looking for even secretaries with a high level of intelligence "- explained to us the partner recruitment company Ludmila Petruchenko. According to her, polygraph testing is no longer in vogue, and is used by the employer only for the selection of domestic staff. "By the detector is now checked only personal drivers, nannies, housekeepers. The main question is: do you steal?  "- says Petruchenko. By the way, passed a polygraph Irina V. a nurse who works in the family in Concha Zaspa. "I was asked not only about the theft, but also about if I beat my children, may i enter into an intimate relationship with a married man. I have successfully passed the test, but before me had been other nurses who have not passed it, "- Irina told us.

Astrology and the detectives. A specialist of another recruitment agency, Victoria M., told us that this year employers are looking for people to top positions by astrologers and even psychics. "Our VIP-clients now require not only a good specialist, but also order some year of birth and zodiac sign. They say that their companies has drawn up astrological chart, and it was a year and an exact sign of the head will be beneficial. It is also often come to interviews with psychics. The applicant, of course, does not know what happened to him talking magician, thinks it's a psychologist, "- told us of Victoria.

Such interview with a magician had a trade representative of the German company in Kiev, Lubomir S. "It only lasted half an hour and he asked me about my  childhood child, a son's favorite books. When I was hired, has said that these issues were a red herring, while the psychologist looked at me, which I am a man. Until now, interested to know what in me looked ​​out, "- told us Lubomir. In recruiting agencies say that now, even take the detectives who will follow candidate for a good post a few days, learn the ins and outs of all of his bases Interior, and even will talk with the janitor of your home, and suddenly you're a man of a rowdy conflict.

Is it legal? Lawyers say that all these tests in hiring are legal only with the consent of the applicant. "If you are a potential candidate for the post and you offered to pass astrologers, psychologists, psychics, you have the right to accept or refuse these tests, either orally or in writing. If the employer has not received from you your own permission accord and spent testing that offended you, then you may apply to the court, "- said to us, a human rights activist Eduard Bagirov.