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Recruitment company Gloria is a recognized expert of the labor market in Ukraine

Nadezhda Petruchenko live on seasonal work, October 2018

Employment expert Nadezhda Petruchenko noted that, apart from individual seasonal work, where professional experience or skills are required, there are certain jobs when you can be refused due to age or due to late appeals to an employer.

Head of Recruitment Company Gloria on the air of the program July 2018

On the air of the program "Quorum" experts of the labor market of Ukraine discuss the problems of labor migration. Reasons, consequences and what to do next. The opinion of the leading expert of the labor market of Ukraine, the head of the Recruitment Company "Gloria" Nadezhda Petruchenko.

On gender equality in the labor market in an interview with the television channel Kiev. January 2018.

Where and why does the employer prefer to see a man in the workplace? For what profession does a woman have to "defend a place in the sun"

Live on ObozTV c Nadezhda Petruchenko

The head of our company told on the TV how to behave at the interview. How do you evaluate the recruiter and what not to do.

How to find the work of your dreams? Interview. January 2018

On the live of the television channel ObozTV CEO of the Recruitment Company "Gloria" Nadezhda Petruchenko revealed the secret of those who built the best career, she told how the correct formulation of the resume

In search of opportunities. Ukrainians open up new areas of business

The head of the consulting company "Gloria" told to the reporters of the journal Correspondent about how are searching new opportunities yesterday's former employees and today's businessman.

risis hit the labor market

Director of the recruitment company "Gloria" Nadezhda Petruchenko told about the tendencies of the labor market in Ukraine to the magazine Correspondent. Read the full version of the article in the magazine Correspondent from September 24, 2014.

Experts of Consulting Company "Gloria" about the taxes on newborns

Specialist from recruitment of our company Anastasia Suprun acted as expert of labor market for Inter TV channel (Details)

Profiles in social networks and their impact on a career

Recruiters from the Consulting Company "Gloria" has given an expert opinion on the Inter TV channel, about profiles in social networks and their influence on a career. Recruiter of our company, Olga Sapogov has told about the positive and negative factors of personal information from the page of employees in social networks.

From 1 January unemployed can get free training vouchers

In an interview for the TV channel Inter managing partner recruitment company "Gloria" Lyudmila Petruchenko talks about age restrictions that are nominated by employers.

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