Work search through the acquintances. When it needs and when it doesn't need to do this?

Work search through the acquintances. When it needs and when it doesn't need to do this?

In our time it is really difficult to find a good work by yourself. Another thing, if someone is ready to stand surety for you, to offer you on the "warm place", as really good, precious specialist. If the similar influence will be presented by your friend or relatives, so you will receive the vacancy practically with the 100 percentage guarantee. But is it necessary to use the friends and the relatives for the work search? Which way of the employment is suitable and when it will be better to refuse of them? Let's speak about this today.

It seems that it is not absolutely difficult to recommend you on this or another post, is it? In the theory, everything is really in such way, but practically, if the recommended employee by Ivanov, Sydorov will be bad professionalist, so it is in full can be negative for the work and reputation for the Ivanov. So it it necessary to be strong  for yourself and to know exactly all your forces, skills ans knowledge  in this or another spheres before your friend or relatives will start to help you. If you don't want to damage for your relatives and close person Ivanov, so act especially only in such way - fairly tell to the helper about yourself and your professional possibilities.

To find work with the friend's help, relatives is suitable only in this case, if this person is really close and dear. Firstly, as we have mentione earlier. those, who recommend you on the work, those took some responsibility for you. Secondly, not close person will not care that you will be taken for that or another service.

But what to do, if such close ans dear person working in the interested by you company is not.  But  does the acquintance of the acquintance or the kum of the third woman's brother of the have-been farther-in-law Ivanov work in the interested by you organisation? Is it necessary to apply to him? Yes, it is necessary, in this case you need to maintain several simple rules.

The first rule in the given case will be the next - to employ on the work in this or another company that is necessary especially for you, the acquintance of the acquintance Ivanov is not absolutely intereseted in this, that is why it is very important to apply to those person with not pushy, impudent offer of his candidate, but with intelligent, polite request. In this case the chance of that you can obtain the help to employ is higher.

The second rule is - to don't heaк the refusal, you need to confirm your request, told to your acquintance of the acquintances Ivanov, by the concret facts. For example,before tell this similar request, it not be additional to call by yourself in the personnel department of the necessary company and to know, if they are free vacancy at this moment. If they have such vacancies, confirm your request about the employment by the phrase as: " I heard that you have free vacancy. Are you able to help me to take it, dear Ivanov?...." In this case the chances of saying that "we do not have places" will be much less.

And, of course, in the given case you need to understand, that accepting the help from someone in the employment, you do not in any way have to fail the person who recommended you.It is important to behave yourself in the the company polite, chasten, delicate and not as you are the king and everything is decided for you.

And  know we  look the situatiion, when there is no need to apply for the help in the employment to the friend or acquinatance. Yes-yes, it can be in such way. In addition, the first characteristic of that you should not even stutter about help in finding a job is a persistent refusal even for the first timid request. If a person for some reason does not want to help you, then you should not try and persuade him, this will not be absolutely any good.