Work of dream, is it real to find it?

Is it real to find the work of dream? Of course, it is really, especially, if you know exactly what do you want. The ideal variant - if you imagine distinctively, in which especially company, and on which post you want to work. In this case, you only need to "adapt" your professional skills and abilities under the requierements of the potential employer. But what to do further we will tell you, moreover, that the scheme of the following actions can be several.

The first scheme; to sit and wait. Or almost sit and wait. 

Someone there, either japanese, or chinese  sage said once upon a time, that  to be enough patient and simply to sit and wait the miracle at the river side, so early or late the flow of this river bring you corpse of the enemy. If you, as that sage, hate to do something in order to achieve the desired dream job, you can really just sit down and wait until "happiness finds you behind the stove". In general, we speak directly, that such approach is unlikely to give you anything at all. That is why if you don't want to declare one's desire to take the post N in the company K, so try simply to work on the analogical position in the another company. Further you should to work efficiently, to become the best in your vacancy and then, it is possible in full, you will be noticed and invited, " enticed" in the necessary firm.

The second scheme: go headlong, without fear and doubt.

If you are sure that the "brave ones everywhere we road, brave ones everywhere with honor", so, it is possible in full, that this scheme will be convenient for you. It consists in that to come simply to CEO or in the staff service of the company and to say about the desire to receive this post N. More than likely, the first what you will hear, it will be the answer that the vacancy is already busy and they don't find new employees. But you do not have to give up, you're brave. We proudly put our foot forward, clap the palm on the table, and then tearfully ask to hire you at least as an assistant, at least an assistant to the specialist who works at the position of N. God save us to demand immediately the salary. Fisrt of all, agree to work for the experience, promising that you increase the efficiency of the employee N. But, when this is carried out, stat bravely to require the salary, and only then the post.

The third scheme: I'm from Petro Ivanovich.

If Ostap Bandera's grandson or granddaughter live inside you, so it is possible to come in the staff service and whisper by magic voice "I'm from Petro Ivanovich" and to declare bravely that they should to hire you on the post N. But  if the adventurism in you is not enough, then go a little different, more civilized way. In this case we offer you to find among your acquianted ones who know someone from the company K. It is quite possible that the same acquianted one will help you to employ in the company K. Of course, if you can immediately get to work for the position of N, then it's very, very good. But in general, safely agree to any job in the company of your dreams - so "grow" to the desired post and take it to you will be easier.

Additional advice. And, at the end, we would like to give you one additional advice, which, we hope, help you to get the work of your dream. And such advice consisct in it is time to start to go in the gym and to watch weight. The modern researches assure that it is more likely to take on positions, especially those leading, today those who have no problems with the body. Apparently, employers believe that since you know how to keep your body in shape, in order, then in the same form and in order you will be able to keep your cllective.

Good luck with finding a job of dream and remember that dreams can and should become reality!