Work in Ukraine as an IT-specialist

When asked by who you want to become, the majority of the modern school leavers call the sphere very close to the IT-technologies. Why is such agiotage? In what is the attractiveness of such professions? Finally, what presents by itself the work in Ukraine for the typical IT-specialist? On all these questions the professionals of the recruiting agency "Gloria" try to answer.

We start that nowadays in Ukraine the number of the IT-specialists is already significantly more than 100 thousand. In spite of this,  the most different spheres of the native industry feel the lack in the high professional IT-workers. The analytics name the spread in 10-20 thousand of the opening vacancies. How this can be? Everything is easy! Many and many ukrainian programmers work in the foreign companies on the outsourcing base. All is logical, it is posible to be situated in this sphere on one continent, but to present the services on another. Yes and the foreign employers pay more generously, than native....

So, Ukraine is leading in the old Europe on the number of the IT-specialists. However, the analytics predict that until 2020 year the number of the IT-specialists will increase in our country as minimum doubly. It is important to mention that 100 thousand of the IT-specialists - is only a small part. Actually, each working place in the IT-sphere supposes the creation of three and a half working places in the  adjacent regions. That is why, in fact, it is possible to consider that in the modern ukrainian IT-sphere there are about 350-400 thousand people. What this potential gives to the country? In 2015 year, for example, the export of the software from Ukraine consists 2,5 billion dollars. In 2016 the indicators reached 2.8 billion and the industry unexpectedly came second in the export service and third in the general export register. We remind, in this list agriculture activity leaded, and the silver was in transport, or rather, gas transit.

The achievement of the last year was the startup of the IT-ecosystem, and many of the ukrainian startups that received investments. And more important business-structure of this sphere is considered the removal of most of the administrative barriers for the export of services.It became possible to execute the foreigneconomic activity contracts in the electronic form. Weakening of the bureacracy manifestations gave the possibility even for freelancers to work legaly.

The native IT-industry turned around to the quality education. In many and many universities the special programs are implemented. The good example can be DataScience in the Ukrainian Catholic University and IoT (Internet of Things) in the Lviv polytecnic university. There are also the interesting projects in the school education. It is noticed that the tendancy of the IT-industry investment  in the development of the education, both school and university is typical practically for all regions of Ukraine.

We remind that in the ukrainian respondents' view, being recruited programmer today is more prestigious than by an entrepreneur. The popularity of the IT-specialities among the adolescants and their parents is explained by the analytics that today on the labour market the IT-specialists are in very high demand. It is not a secret that in Ukraine It-specialists of the most different profile are in high demand. But in spite of this, the analytics are inspired by the positive prognosis with regard to the demand for the IT-specialists for many, many years. That is why, there is tremendeous interest of yesterday's schoolchildren in obtaining education especially in the IT sphere.

Finally it is necessary to precise that the first 6 months of 2017 year showed not big, but an increase of the growth demand on IT-services, and of course, on the products. In the combination  with the improvement for business-climate in Ukraine, this can mean the possible export growth in the IT sphere, as minimum on 20%.