Work in a small firm advantages and disadvantages

Quality recruitment (Kiev, Ukraine) is able to ensure only the good recruiting company. Such example can be recruiting agency Gloria. In addition, here search and selection of personnel is realized, both for large companies, and for small not commercial, commercial organizations. It is notable, that today many of small enterprises absolutely free compete with giants, and even in many questions obscured them.
              So, lately we offer you the review by what differ the work in the small company. The rectuiting agency Gloria will present all the advantages and disadvantages of the employment on such enterprise.
              But first of all about the advantages. Small companies practically for all employers give the possibility to accept the decisions on all important questions. In such enterprises there are more chances for the career growth, getting really interesting and responsible work. Achive this in the different enterprises in different ways, where by  the performance of creative atmosphere, where by the encouragement of the competition and competetive spirit, but the result always is positive.
               Here the opened relations with the directors and in fact there is not bureacracy, lack of the information barriers, and also cultivate its own established system of values. Here you can freely communicate not only with the chief, but also with the owner of the enterprise. With the last one it is possible "hammer down" and the conditions, and the particularities of the work. Even on such enterprises under the concret specialists create the new vacancies! HR-managers-bureaucrats, not on the interview, not in the further work, sooner you do not meet. Because all the working moments on such enterprises decide more mobile.
            But there is again one advantage of such companies - in the generous bonuses. The last ones can be as traditional, as extraordinary. For example, today many of enterprises give generously the holidays. Some can give and 6 weeks!
             Hovewer the principal advantage of the work in a small company - warm, in fact family atmospere. If you are lucky enough, and you find the people on your spirit, friendly and connected by the mutual affair, hold such post.
Recrutint company Gloria knows some firms, in which the owners consider necessary to divide with the employers by the significant part of benefit.        
              And now the disadvantages. They, without doubts, are. Firstly, the small enterprises differ by the big uncertainty and less stability. Because, the company Gloria, for example, realising the recruitment (Kiev, Ukraine) notifies the employees about this particularity, if the vacancy opens especially on such enterprises. Everything is logical, for the small firms the competittion with "big sharks" of the market is difficult. It needs to mention that the changes in the business (even significant) are regarding of such small firms more often in the result and objective causes, and on decision of the owner.

But the significant disadvantage of the work in such enterprises, unfortunately, is more often cases of the violation of the labour legislation.

And finaly about the partucularitie which can be both advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is difficult to understand the advantage or disadvantage is the so-called mixed payment in the future. We have in mind the remunaration + "percentages". Many candidates, we precise, on the first stage of the communication with HR manager, realising the search and selection of the personnel, sounds its negative attitude to the comissions.
And also the specialist of the not big company is very often obliged to do not only one affair. But there is an adventage in this, because you acquire a wide list of skills, and the last ones, as the practical experience, today appreciate very high.