Work and salary in Ukraine

It is not a secret that the demandness of these or those specialists, and as salary, differ not only in relation to the states, but also in relation to the cities of one country, Our post is consacrated to the work and salary in the native Ukraine.

So, first of all the alalytics of the company Gloria will present the inforamation on the most demanded spheres of the activity

The working specialities, manufactoring leads on the quantity of the vacancies. The average salary here consists 8,1 thousands of UAH (leading by the vacancies). The expactations of the candidatws are higher and fluctate approximately 10 thousands of the UAH. We precise, that the number of the vacncies of the given sphere in the relation to the general quantity of the offers in Ukraine consists 14,3 %.

The second position of the rating takes the sphere of the service. The situation here is analogical. The salary on the vacancies consists 6,9 thousands, and on CV - 7,9 thousands.

The third line of the rating have the purchases ans sells, Here the vacancies indicate the somme in 9,9 thousands, and the CV, accordingly - 11.9 thousands.

In the relation to the next position of the rating, and this "Retail business", the break between the offers and expaxtations is not big: 6,2 - 6,6 thousands of UAH.

Further in the rating of the company "Gloria" is "Hotel and restaurant business, tourism". On the vacancies the salary here consists 6,9 thousands, and on CV - 8,4 thousands.

The sixth position took "Logistic and warehouse, foreigh economic activity". Here the vacanices indicate the somme in 7,2 thousands, and the CV, accordingly 8,8 thousands.

"Transpost, autobusiness" - on the seventh position with the indicators, accordingly, 8,9-9,6 thousands of UAH.

So, the sphere of the IT-technologies is only on the eightth place. The average salary in the given sphere, if orient on the vacancies, consists 10,2 thousands of UAH. It is interesting, that the candidates of the given sphere in comparing with the mentioned-above spheres of the activity estimate adequatly their potential and in CV indicate the same salary.

On the nineth position are the representatives of the administration and management of the middle echelong. Here the expactation exceed the realities. The correlation of the last, to the declared in CV, consists 9,8 thousands and 12,1 thousands.

The top 10-rating ends by the most demanded vacancies in Ukraine, the sphere of the construction and architecture. Here the correlation of the real offers of the market and CV look like 9,5 and  11,2 thousands.

The second and third tennery of the most demanded spheres of the activity look like in the next way ( the first number - middle salary of the vacancies, the second - the same, and on CV, everything in the thousands of UAH):

- Reports management, secretary, administrative supply department                   7,7                       6,9

- Accounting, audit                                                                                                              6,7                       8,5

- Marketing, PR, publicity                                                                                                   8,6                       9,3

- Connection +telecommunication                                                                                  7,6                       9,2

- Science+education,                                                                                                         9,6                       7,7

- Finances+bank affair                                                                                                       7,0                       9,7

- edicine+pharmacy                                                                                                         8,4                       7,7

- Beauty, sport+fitness                                                                                                        7,3                       7,6

- Design+art                                                                                                                          8,5                       9,5

- Mass media + polygraphy                                                                                                9,4                       8,4

- Security + safety                                                                                                                  5,8                       8,7

- HR+personnel management,                                                                                          9,3                       9,7

- Agricultural+agrobusiness                                                                                               10,1                     10,7

- p-management, mangers of the high echelon                                                         15,4                     17,4

- Show-business, culture+music,                                                                                       10,1                     8,8

- Jurisprudence                                                                                                                       7,2                       9,1

- Property                                                                                                                                  16,8                     12,1

- Insurance                                                                                                                               7,7                       10,5

And now about how the vacancies are distrubuted on the ukrainian regions. The biggest quantity of the vacancies are opened in the capital and in the region. Here they are approximately 63 thousands. The second place in the rating in Odesa region (14,7 thousands). The third position take the Kharkiv region with 11, 2 thousands of vacancies. Further in decreasing order are Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Zaporizhia, Zhytomyr and Poltave regions. For all another regions the break is little. The vacancies in Ukraine are really a lot, but with help of the professionals to find a good work with worthy salary is real.