Why do people change work?

The recruitments officers explained and clarified up a long time ago, on which cases the people decide to change the work.

So, the formal rating of the mentioned-above reasons consists the desire to lower very high stress level. It is not a secret for everyone that for the most modern people the terms "work", "stress" are considered as synonymes. The psychologists are considered that the majority part of the workaholics  (as minimum, in accordance with the results of the researches is 60 %) do their requirements in the state of the incessant stress. In fine the person prectically does not make the intellectual work. But what provokes the stressfull atmosphere on the working places? Firstly, it is not acceptable mutual relations between employees. Secondly, high stress loads, thirdly, discomfort of the working schedule.  To the last, we precise, it is safe to include the unversally practiced variants with "continuation' of the working day at home in the evenings...

The second stepl of our rating - desire of the carrier growth. The promotion on the official ladder is waited by many and many persons. In those cases, when the lack of the qualified staff is fixed, those,who find the work will become in the demand. In fine on the team-leader post, we can meet the developer, and the past company director is on the position of director of the department. For example, at this moment the market  has the real lack of the candidates on the middle positions in the companies.

On the third place of our improvised rating of the change work reasons - the search of better payed work. It is interesting, that now even in the firm of the same sphere the salaries can be different considerably. Sometimes, the starting salary of the yesterday's given a permanency, is higher above the previous place of the work, on which was on the good account, and it seemed like they appreciated.... Today there is also a possiblity to choose the bonus structure of the profit with high share of the last one in the salary for the especial active employees.

The next step of the ratins - is all possible "pleasantness" from the employer. What it implied? Firstly,, of course, the medical isurance. Secondly, free dinners, tea,coffee, drinks in the fridge and etc. The most prefered now, we precise, offer today the permanent tickets in the pool, sportclubs and joint celebrations, interesting weekend excursion programs. It is necessary to notice that similar stimulation  - attracting by the "sweetness-pleasantness" of the employees by the employers from one year to another becomes more popular. Another things - how much are they generally available and is not seeded a discord in the team about the fact that some are much closer to the trough than others .

Our improvise rating of the work change reasons ends  the transpost availability. Moreover, that the transport infrastructure in another cities, in the world, and in generally, there are not a lot of the places which can satisfy the demands of the workaholics. It is not always there is a possibility to spend the road on the work and back with the favorite press...The norm today, is  rather the society of sweaty and pushing passengers. Agree, if will be the employment variant, when the working place will be in a few steps from the door of the your own home, and you shamelessly betray a good team, to meet with whom you must get every hour and a half. That is why, it in full probably, that in the closest time the transpost availability will be higher in our rating. Everything is logic, the tendancy of the increasing of the middle time that an average employee spends to take to the service place and to come back, is traced very clearly.