Who are the CEO, CFO, CVO, CMO, etc ...

Today, in the process of finding a job, it is not surprising to come across such abbreviations as CFO, CEO, CMO, CVO and many others. But what do all these abbreviations mean? How to understand them correctly? The answers to this question were provided by the specialists of the Gloria agency, a company that has been professionally providing recruitment services for more than 10 years (Kiev). The main specialization of this agency is the search for IT staff. Moreover, the selection of personnel for the IT sphere is carried out here, both for domestic companies and for foreign enterprises.
Let's start with the most common in job search ads and not just the option - with the abbreviation of CEO. Under the three letters given is to understand the chief executive officer of the company (this, if translated literally). In general, the term mentioned in our country has a broader meaning. Under it falls all the senior managers, that is, the leaders, presidents, chairmen, and general directors. In general, all those who make decisions at the highest level can be attributed to this, determine the general strategy of doing business and, besides all this, are also the “face of business”.
The narrower meaning of the abbreviation CFO. The literal translation in this case is the financial director. This is also a manager and also a high level, but only in this case will this manager be responsible for the finances: planning, reporting, distribution of incoming funds and profits, etc. It is precisely CFO specialists who usually take on the global tasks of ensuring the financial viability of an enterprise. And in the process of ensuring this financial solvency, it is important to consider not only current strategies and needs, but also global goals.
Another abbreviation, CVO, also denotes a high-level manager. In this case, we usually speak about the general director, president or vice-president, who, moreover, is also a member of the board of directors.
There exists such a notion in our country (however, it exists abroad as well, and it was here that they began to use the abbreviation “SOO”) as an operational or executive director. So, this very director should be responsible for the implementation of current tasks and operations.
New technologies are so firmly established in our life that the manager of modern companies necessarily includes an employee (general manager or even director) who is responsible for the purchase and implementation of these most advanced developments. So, abroad for the designation of such a position is used the abbreviation CIO. In our country, when it comes to such a vacancy, usually the selection of the necessary IT specialist - “IT-director”. Rarely, but you can find the wording “Director of the IT department”, “Director of the IT department”, etc.
CSO and CISO — These abbreviations are used to refer to chief executives or even directors of a security department. Moreover, in the second case we are talking about the head of a narrower direction - the employee who is responsible for the information security of the enterprise.
If you still have any questions, you can always forward them to the Gloria agency - a company that, we recall once again, has been providing recruiting services for more than 10 years (Kiev). Here we recommend to contact all those who are interested in qualified recruitment, search for IT staff. It will be appropriate to note here that the recruitment of personnel for the IT sector is a priority for Gloria. In general, if you need fast and high-quality selection of the necessary IT specialist, you are definitely in Gloria.