Which vacancies were the most popular in the 19th, 20th centuries, and which specialists are in demand today?

Which vacancies were the most popular in the 19th, 20th centuries, and which specialists are in demand today?

Today we would like to discuss with you enough interesting theme - the prodessions, which were very popular earlier and which are forgotten now, and also the specialities, really actual at this moment. So, let's start!

And we start form the nineteenth century and with enough exotic profession - spitty. Yes-yes, it is not a mistake. In those years the people, who can spit well are in demand. In general, it is necessary to spit not "in principle", but to manufacture in such way the sowing of the fields. We explain. In that far time it wasn't anu mechanisation of the agriculture. The harvest put manually and then reaped manually too. That is why, a lot of fields were determined for the sowing of the turnip. The last one has very little seeds, that well developed motivility of the hands in the given case can help to scope with the process. And good spitty skills relieved....

And again one popular in that time field profession  - is mower. There the cattle was appreciated very well, for its nourishment needed the velour grasses.

And again one popular profession of the 19th century - the profession of howler. In addition the ladies of this profession were invited not only to the funeral, but also to the wedding, and to teach this "occupation" started from the young ages. Moreover, the funerals without howler were considered as chame at that time.

Cab drivers were in demand also ( something similar to our modern taxi drivers), and also yamschik ( and this already the organisators of the international transpost, if speak on the modern language).

The twentith century is popular by the new professions. If we omit the military time, so in our country the guards and yard-keeper always were in the good price. And in general the twentith century in Ukraine, and also in many Sovietic republics - is the centure of all possible working professions (turners, engineers, locksmithes and etc.). Especially the representatives of these specialities were well regarded.

The twenty-fisrt century were topsy-turvy. The representatives of the working professions today are not in price. It is more correctly that the good turners, engineers, locksmith are really appreciated, but the prestige and highpayed similar service is not possible to call. And who is really in demand, so that are different IT-specialists, which work in the information tehcnologies sphere, and today the programmers, administrators, developers, moderators and the specialists in the web-design and on the informational safety not only "in great demand", but also obtain very and very worthy profit.

The profession of the ecologist is ain demand and popular today. Sure! Because the people , actively expanding and developing, started to bring the damage to the environment. And that is why it is not absolutely surprising, that we need the people who can minimize and revive that what we hurried to ruined....

Moreover the people damge to the nature, it is also using incredibly fast and inexpensive oil and gas reserves. It is provokes the growth of the demand on the professional reasearches of the alternative resources of the energy. In general, the chemists are in demand too, and also the representatives of another specialities, workin on the harvest increasing  and on the search of the new resources for our with you nutrition and living.

And that is why the mass medis (in addition to be the representative of the mass media is incredibly honorable today) in all the trumpets about in what a plight is humanity, it is not surprising that today more and more work is being done by psychologists and psychotherapist