Which professions will rest in the future?

Many of us is strive to look in the future and to know, what hide there - behind the shroud of the tommorow day. Especially due to our desire we with pleasure read without stopping the astrological predictions, watch different science-fantastic films and series. However, there are and another ressources, which with the bigger fractions of the probability, that the astrologists and fantastic films, will tell us the truth about what will be tommorow, after tommorow, through one, two years, decennary and etc. We are in our mind the scientists, who think very often about this. So furthemore we will give some examples about which existed professions today will rest in the future in accordance with the scientists' opinion.It will be and easy to know and, probably, especially usueful for those who think now about the future profession for his, as yet as small child.

Doctor. The people always got sick  and in the next one hundred or two will be sick too, even on the most optimistic forecasts don't stop to be ill. Why? Firstly, it is so doubtful that for such short time the people invente the pill of all diseases. Sеcondly, you, even, know that in spite of the people's developement, there is viruses development. And it means, with these newer, stronger viruses someone will have constantly fight. Something like this.

Teachers. It is so doubtful that the modern teachers will disapear. Yes, there is probability, and very big probability, that in the future the children won't have necessity to visit school, and education will be long distance.But someone  must to educate our children by something new, check that, how they adopt the material and many another and another.

Creative work. The higher the level of development of society, the more time in this society is given to art. But if take into consideration, that in the future society will become more developed, more high spiritual, and less financially dependent, so many of people will have a time for the creative self-expression, the quantity of the poets and prosaists, painters ans musicians will increase

Programmers. Now society not only create actively, but actively use the different robots The last one work on the plants instead of us, and in Japan, the robots work as barmens, loaders and etc. By the way if the robots will be made in the future , so it is clearly  that in the future we need people, which make these robots and educate them by something. The last ones are programmers.

Techniques. How beautuiful will be these robots of the future, they, as soon as possible, don't be eternal because they also can break. So, the techniques will repair these robots. Besides, and to build these robots will be also the representatives of this profession.

Astronauts. Practically all the scientists are sure that with every year the society will live better. So what happened with the society when it live very good? If to judge on the experience of the developed countries, so in this situation we breed very quickly. And more children will be in every family, than less will be place on the planet. Consequently, in the future, as soon as, we need to find for yourself the new family, new planet. So fo this we need astronauts. By the way, it will be more correctly to say that in the future we will need all the representatives of the cosmic space sphere, but not only those who boldly go to plow the expanses of the cosmos.