Which IT-specialities will be in demand in 2018

IT-specialities are very appreciated on the modern job exchange. Such employees here, in fact, in much demand. But IT recruitment has some tendencies. With every year the employees, working with a particular branch of information technology, become more demanded and highly paid. Taking into account this, we decided to apply in the recruiting agency Gloria (we remember, that IT recruitment, as and top managers relocation, and also another similar services are profile work directions of the given enterprise) with the question which IT-specialities will be in forthcoming year.

Firstly, it is expected, that  the most demanded will be so-called blockchain specialists. The last one today is spreading very quickly, as the Internet once spread. So the experienced recruiters have not any doubts on that fact that very soon blockchain will be used in each business.

For your information: blockchain - a chain of blocks arranged in a strict sequence, each block containing one or another information (a simplified explanation).

It is expected that the demand on the services of the professional software developers will also not decline. The experts predict that those professionals who work with languages Python, PHP, C# и C++ will be highly appreciated.

For your information: software language - is special formal system of the signs, which
today is used for the recording of these or another computer programs. At this moment there are 10 thousands of the similar languages.

It is anticipated that in the next year the growth of demand on those IT-specialists, who work in the sphere of the artificial intelligence (AI) will be continue. And everything because such technologies are used more and more actively and become impeccable helpers of the person in the most various spheres.

For your infromation: artificial intelligence - this technology, and at the same time, the science on the machines and programs creation, which can make these or others creative functions. Moreover it is considered that traditionally creative functions - is only person's prerogative.

We start to speak about so-called artificial intelligence, and also about that in the forthcoming year the people will be in demand, working with the similar technology. And that is why it is necessary to notice and that fact, that in the further year the speicalists on the recruitment predict a sharp increase in demand for people, working in the sphere of the machine training. Here it will be suitable to remind the the machine training also relates to the artificial intelligence, and more correctly is considered as one of the method of AI.

For your information: macine training  - are special AI methods, which are expected that the machine or program will decide this or another task, based on solutions of similar tasks. Moreover this program, machine will be capable of independent learning in the course of solving each new task.

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