Which computer skills are necessary to the modern employment

Which computer skills are necessary to the modern employment

It is very often that the candidates meet the requirement "existing of the work skills with PC". But what specific skills are meant, unfortunately, often no one specifies. So especially today we decided to speak with you on this theme.

If you want to employ on the work on post with the enough high salary, so for you, as minimum, it is necessary to work in Word and to have the minimum skills on the work in the network. How to check the level of the skills? Create in the programme Word the newdocument. May it will be, for example, the announcement with the "tear off" phone numbers.  Go to the printer on page with the created annuncement. Did you do everything? Perfectly, it means tha the you have enough skills with this programme.

What concerns the basic skills of the work in the network, for those to check them, create your own mail box. The task is easy, but if you will do it during 15-20 minutes, consider that all neccessary to item is known for you.

Generally there are another programs, which are necessary to know obligatory for that to employ on some profile specialities. For example. if you want to get the post of the economist, analytic ot financier, so you must to know the programme Excel. IF you dream about quiet and tempered accountant service? So you need to learn the programme "Parus". And, of course, "1C". Do you dream to be the popular designer?  Pull up the sleeves and start to learn Adobe Illustrator.  And if you are ready to begin to work as private photographer, so you need the skills in the programme under the title Adobe Photoshop.

Above, we mention, of course, only short constricted list of those programmes with which the candidates should be known of these or those posts. How to find the full list of the software? We recommend you to learn approximately 20-30 announcements about the employment on the work on the interested you vacancy. In the requirementsto the candidates in these announcement you can find the answer on your question.

What do you need again? For the comfortable work practically with all modern programmes you need to know the secret combinations of the clavier. In general, these combinations are especial secret, but not everyone knows and uses it, unfortunately. Because this simplifies and speed up the work....

Probably, the most simple and usuful combinations of the claviers - is «Ctrl + C» (copy something: folder, file of the fragment of the text) and «Ctrl + V» ( to put in the necessary earlier copied file, picture or text). It is not be add to remember that to press at the same time on «Ctrl» and «N» you will get the new opened screen. For that to open very quick the file manager ( because you know, what is this?) it is need to press on the combinations - «Win + E». For that to roll up and to roll out the screens with different programmers, it is necessary to use the combinations of the claviers «Win + D». To switch quickly over the screens with already opened programmers the combinations «Alt + Tab» will help you. 

.In spite of this, we recommend  and advice you to don't stop to increase the speed of the typing. It is also necessary to have tha skills of so-called touch typing. To get the necessary skills, the special programmers will help you. But the best trainer  in the given case  - is simple typing of the texts "from head" ( coherent texts, by itself) or "from the image".

And also we recommend you to learn some secrets of the quick and effective search of the network. These secrets will help you in the work on absolutely any specialities. For example, do you know, that to take the phrase in the in quotation marks, you can find the exact coincidence.