Which changes are in HR for the last 10 years

So, under HR, today it is acceptable to understand that recruiting service, which works as a part of the enterprises and which is responsible for the search and employees selection, and also for the qualification increasing of the last ones. And about which were the changes with the recruiting services of the companies for the last decennary.

It is necessary to start that earlier the recruiting services of the companies were as seperate subdivision, in which the entrance from the outside and contacts with the outside world, to put it mildly, were not welcomed. In the last 10 years everything changed. The directors of the biggest and the most popular companies persuade that  employees of the recruiting services collaborate maximum with the representatives of the others enterprises' subdivisions: direct production, sales, bookkeeping, etc. This should be done in order for the HR department to identify in a timely manner certain problems with personnel (shortage of workers, insufficiently high level of qualification, etc.) and eliminated the existing problem. It is necessary to make that HR-department highlights these or another problems with cadres (employees' deficit, not high qualification level and etc. ) and eliminate the existing problem.

And again one change, which came with the recruiting services - is absolutely serious change that concerns directly HR departments requirements. So, existing earlier cadres departments make not only the specialists selection, but also employees dismission. When at the same time the modern  recruiting services representatives should follow the qualification level of all company staff  and tinely conduct those or another events (seminars, trainings and etc. , directed on the qualification increasing of the separate employees and  (or) all collective, department.

Now HR specialists make also the working place analysis, and also make everything to optimize the working space in accordance with the needs of the employees. In this, it is necessary to notice, that today the offices started to organise the space in the way how it is cofortable for them ( vaunted "open space", simplifying the observation of employees, goes into the background), but in the way how it is comfortable only for the employees. For example, the same  «оpen space» is suitable fot the for the work of extroverts, whereas often more talented, promising introverts for effective work activity need a more secluded space.

And more recently, it has become quite fashionable to literally grow suitable footage for yourself. It is about the conclusion of the contract with the perpective young peopla in accordance with which the company pays for the trainings, but requires the mandatory compulsory labour-rent at the end of education for 5-10 years. That is why, the employees of the recruiitng services practice the search of the perspective specialists and also conclude similar contrats.

Moreover, if to speak about the most perspective, the most popular enterprises, so its recruiting departments make everything to simplify the top managers life. For the last ones, the special banks and healthy programs are developed, and if it is necessary, then vacancies are created for regular psychologists, specialists in personal and professional growth, etc. All this also falls on the HR department and is done so that a prospective or top-level employee does not in any way have a desire to change jobs, yielding to the flattering offers of competing companies.

Of course, it is not far not all changes, which concern HR for the last 10 year, but the principal changes we indicated for you.