Where to go for a philologist in Ukraine

In our country, philologists (linguists), that is people, who know perfectly or practically in perfection, one or another foreign language is quiet enough. In this, the majority of such citizens can not find the worthy work place.  With what it can be related? Which vacancies should a specialist of the philological and linguistic profile consider first of all? The answers on these and another questions we would like to give you further.

Surely, the first, about what every philologist, linguist thinks - is that to dedicate its free time to the translations. And due to the fact that finger-speech - is quite difficult and nervous job, requiering a lot of experience and skills, so the majority of those who know foreign language want to work with texts. Here it is necessary to notice, that the texts of the general character,  as well as literary works are paid at a lower rate than translations of a technical profile.  But in this work there are some additional charges for the urgency. At this moment the translations price of the text at one page of the A4 format fluctuates from 30 until 200 UAH. What concerns that, where you can employ at similar work. so you need to try your forces in the different agencies specialised on the translations, in the publishers.  It is possible, in general, to try to find work in the Internet on the specialised freelance-websites. In addition, here it is possible to get  first additional income even for those linguists, philologists, which are in the process of getting higher education.

We can not to reminder and that fact, that at freelance-websites there are often enough offers from employers who need copywriters who can work in a particular foreign language. For such job it is paid more, than for the simple translations. And also the amount will depend on what language you speak: the more exclusive knowledge, the more amount for each thousand of page of the translated text. But, from another hand, it is quiet difficult to find in our country the permanent employer who needs  translator's services, knowing rare, original language.

The philologist, linguist is able also to try yourself  in the teaching. In addition to learn foreign language is possible for the money and very litlle chidren, and children of the senior, primary school age, adults, and even pensioners. The cost will depend on the work of the what school, studio, centre you will employ. Of course, it will be important how many persons in the group. But in general the monthly amount of the possible earning begins from 5 until 15 thousand UAH. Immediately we notice, that individual training is much more profitable for testing. By the way, to give individual lessons yesterday's graduate or today's student can and by Skype or other similar program. Such work is also paid not bad, and is, as a rule, less stressfull. But, of course, you will get more for the teaching if you go to work as teacher in this or another foreign country. Here the amount of the salary in a month begins from 10 thousand. But also take into consideration, than nobody take you to work abroad without special internationl certificate, that is confirmed the language knowledge, and also visa.

Sure, there are another vacancies, which you can overlook. It is about the professions of guide, journalist, lawyer ( it needs second education) and etc. We hope sincerily, that you can find your ideal vacancy and to earn at your linguistic knowledge.