Where go to work with translator's diploma?

The analytics improve that the ability to communicate on several languages - excellent asset and for personal, and for the professional growth. Accordingly, people, who  write and speak on several languages, must be more in demand. But  in the reality everything does not go well. In what is the matter? In this post we will not deal with this. It will be more useful for the yesterday's graduates with the translator's diploma will be the answer of the specialists of the company "Gloria" on the question: "Where go to work?". So, today the most demanded people who speak fluently in English and Chinese. For them, and also for those, who speak and write on any of the european languages, there are many of the offers. In fact, find the vacancy of the translator or interpreter is not difficult. With pleasure take the graduates with such diplomas and on the vacancy of the specialist on the intercultural communications, and as guides in the travel agencies. The enterprises, distinguished by international relations, is quite often need the office-managers, secretaries and press-secretaries with obligatory knowledge of the languages. We precise, that the highest caste  in this category - so-called Personal Assistant, helping to the first entities of the companies. In the last ones, we notice, where more serious chances to "go" for a promotion quickly.

And also the linguists are in demand in the big companies and PR-agencies. Very perspective position is the manager on the foreign economic activity. The only thing, when applying to the job inspite of the translator's diploma is needed also the diploma of economist.

do you want to be free agent, you consider yourself as organised person? The work on freelancee on the written translations of the most different publications can bring good earnings. The second variant - translations and the voicework of the computer games, localizations of branches of the electronic foreign resources. Yes, for such work it needs experience, but if it will be relevant, and it, and good reputation, and worthy earnings will appear very fast. In addition, there are a  lot of advantages in this work. Among of the principle  - free schedule, self-regulation of the work time, choice of the employers and theme of the orders. And of course principle, you can work , thanks to the progress, practically anywhere in the world.

If the mentioned-above variant is unlike, it is more real to choose something of closely related specialities. Firstly, why not to try yourself as a teacher? There as luck would have it..It is more simple today to employ in the secondary school or in the gymnasium. Nowadays the languages are learning from the 1st class and the  good teachers of " English, German, Chinese " are in demand , and if in the school you are obliged to learn everyone, so on the last the audience is interested in knowledge. Here and the nuance of the work. And also, in the big cities, and in the small the tutoring is so popular - for example, on skype.


And the recommendations for the creative person. If you feel the writing and actor's potential, in full it is real to try yourself in the journalism. But, again for the experience and for the correspondent level of the qualification some profile courses will not be add, and it will be better the second higher education on the choosen profile.

Even if the diploma is in the pocket and with the employment everything is good, as you thought before, do not relax. The level of the qualification you always need to keep, and if you strive for the best, you need to raise a level.

Have successful employment and good earning!