What work do the foreigner employers offer to Ukrainians?

What work do the foreigner employers offer to Ukrainians?

More and more compatriots try to get a job in a particular foreign company. But is it very well there, "abroad", as we think about this? Especially on this theme we decided to ask the company that make the selection of the qualified staff not one year - "Gloria". This recruiting company (Kiev), correctly their specialists told us about the salary level for the workers from Ukraine, opened the most demanded vacancies for the visitants.

In fact the number of the foreign enterprises, who desire to employ the Ukrainians, is always increase. If to compare with the last year, so the quantity of the vacancies from the foreign compnies for the ukrainian specialists icnreased on 60 %. It is due to the fact, that the natives of our country alsways have not bad education level, enough hard-working. But, what is more important, the Ukrainians are willing to work for far less money than foreign counterparts. That is, it is trivial for overseas companies to hire "outsiders", not "their own" specialists.

If there are a lot of the vacancies, so why it is enough difficult to find the work abroad for the ukrainian. The thing is in that the foreign enterprises prefer to apply in the recruiting agencies, in the enterprises, which make professionally the staff selection. This confirm the recruiting company (Kiev) "Gloria", which made the search of the qualified staff very often  for the foreign firms. In addition, it is quite interesting, that to the mentioned-above enterprise the representatives of the foreign companies, as usual, apply not for one-two employees. They are interested very often in the staff selection (moreover the personnel can be absolutely different) for the full workshops, departments, subsidiaries. By another words, in the free access there are not vacancies from the representatives of the foreign firms, but if you really want to work in the "import" enterprise - apply in the professional recruiting agencies.

Now it is time to speak which especially ukrainian workers are in the great demand  on the foreign enterprises. Firstly, these are representatives of the different building specialities, moreover even those, who has not any experience. Secondly, these are general workers, which are ready to work on the conveyor production. Thirdly, the long-distnce drivers are also in demand ( here it is important work experince, and existence of the necessary driver's license). And also the forign companies employ well the native developers. Moreover, the last ones, for that to work on the foreign enterprise, as usual, don't leave even the walls of their own apartment, not to mention the country.  In the course here is the so-called remote cooperation, that is, the programmer lives and works in Ukraine, but on a foreign enterprise and for a foreign salary. However, technologists, engineers, architects are also in demand abroad. Without experience, you can take a job as a courier or as a domestic servant.

And now it is time to speak about on what salary  you can expect while working abroad.So, if in Ukraine the developers earn 22 thousands in a month, so the foreign salary can consist 53 thousands UAH. The drivers also earn not bad abroad.  Moreover in our country their monthly salary consists 8 thousand, so for abroad the amount of the monthly income can achieve 34 thousand. The representatives of the building professions in Ukraine earn 9 thousand in a month. For abroad the amount can be, on the average, 31 thousand. The engineers, technologists, production workers for abroad can count on 25 thousand hryvnia per month ( we pay for the similar work 8 thousand.) The home personnel in Ukraine receives approximately 6 thousand per month. For abroad for the similar work you will receive 28 thousand in a month.