What to write in the vacancy description to find the the best employees

What to write in the vacancy description to find the the best employees

Stalin also admitted, that "cadres decide everything". And let it be in many respects with Joseph Vissarionovich it is possible to argue, but hardly anyone will undertake to challenge the above truth. However, no one will argue with the fact that it is quite difficult to find these cadres, especially regular, highly qualified personnel. If you try even one time to find for your company this or another personnel, so you are really know about what we say. But, of course, there are anothers secrets, which are able to easy and to speed up this not difficult process. For example,  correctly drawn up announcements  - is the half of success. So which mistakes do the employers make? Let's understand!

The first mistake: publish not there, my dear!

Before publish your announcements  about the search of this or another specialist, learn  attentively the platform!  Be sure, that the theme of this section or full website corresponds to the vacancy, which you need. For example, it is vain to find the driver of the van  at the site-forum of the IT-specialists. If it is about a big, specialised portal with announcements, so, firstly,  there is sense to learn attentively all the categories, and only then to publish your offer.

The second mistake: who do you need?

You should understand exactly, who you need and  also form exactly this requierement in the announcement. Believe, one thing, if you need the driver of the car, and absolutely another thing, if you are going to deal cargo, and you need  the driver of van. Notice correctly, which driver ( the representative of another speciality) is needed in the title and anouncement text. Especially it is important, if you need the specialist of the narrow profile.

The third mistake: don't violate the law!

Maybe, you don't know, but in the ukrainian law there is article (it is about 11 article, and more correctly about third part of this article), which forbid to us - potential candidates, indicate in the announcements the requirements  according to the age, state and another, as the law says, "dicriminational factors". How to find the driver man of 30 years old, if it is forbidden to notice this in the announcement? To don't violate the law we write in such way: we nned a physically hardy, strong man with a work experience of 10 years. In this case, the risk that a student of yesterday or a 25-year-old girl turns to you is minimal.

The forth mistake: we write everything.

In the announcements indicate obligatory  the city, in which the vacancy is opened, date, when the specialists  was needed ( it will be easy for the candidate to understand if this announcement is actual). It is desirable to notice an approximate salary range (it is better to indicate the range, rather than a specific amount, which is more profitable from a material point of view).

The fifth mistake: don't forget about little things.

Your future driver, of course, should have the driver's license of the corresponding category, be non-drunk and do not use other addictive drugs. This, it would seem, is a trifle, but they must also be indicated in the announcement. Firstly, in such way you deselect not suitable candidates. Secondly, it will be easier for you to find the case for the possible duture dismissal of the candidate/refusal in the place presentation.

And of course, above we mentioned for you not all, but only the most important moments, which are necessary to maintain during announcement preparation about employee search. Generally, remember, that now there are companies, which are ready for you to do a laborious process of finding the right personnel for you. For example, you can apply bravely with such task to the specialists of the recruiting agency "Gloria"