What means headhunting?

Those people, which by one or another way, related with the personnel selection, some years ago complained on the big quantity of the candidates and small quantity of the vacancies. Today,  the situation changed. The balance between desired ones to get work and the quantity of free places started to decrease. However all recruiting agencies notice the significant increasing of the requierements to the employees, desire to find personnel of the most high level, and coming out of all this, new, more agressive approaches to the search, selection of employees.

For example, at last time, so called headhunting became in raised demand. What it means here? It is about full complex of various events, which are refered to find the personnel with necessary qualification. In this, in the given case, we are looking only that personnel, that, at this moment, are already employed, and moreover, even did not  intend to change the work place. By simpler, more comprehensible words the headhunting is explained as "poaching" of the employees from the staff of the competetive companies.

Headhunting, for obvious reasons, is more expensive  and labour-, time sapping, than traditional attracting of the employees within people selection through mass media. It is not susprising, because the convenient personnel it is necessary not only to find, but to persuade to change the work  place.

Headhunting  today is carried out on two different directions. The first - is so called "executive search". The second directions - is "headhunting". What is the difference between these two directions? Now we'll figure it out!

Executive search suggests that a person turns to a recruiting company and expresses his requirements for qualificatio, knowledge and skills level, work experience of this or another personnel. Experienced recruiter examines competing companies for suitable specialists. As usual we select several employees from the different companies, which correspond to the wishes voiced by the customer in advance. These candidates can be presented on the ovelooking to the client or can  pass deeper, versatile testing in a recruiting company before identifying the most worthy candidate.

Headhunting work absolutely in another way. In the given case the client indicate on the conrect person from the competetive  ( not always, the company can work even in another branch) enterprise. The task of the recruiter is to find worthy arguments  for the choosen candidate - such arguments, that the person decided to move to work at the customer's enterprise.

After reading all of the above, it may seem that headhunting is more complex approach to finding an employee, because the named person can prove to be quite stubborn, principled and difficultly compliant. But, in fact, it is more complicated, and also time and material costs are the executive search. Why? This approach assumes the initial study of the entire market, and this, in turn, requires serious knowledge, skills and global work.

In any case, headhunting and executive search, it means all direct searches - is prerogative only of the professional recruiting agencies. A person "from the street", "without experience" can not cope with such complex task. In general, hopefully, in our country there are quite experienced agencies that can easily cope with both executive search and headhunting in the framework of direct personnel search. Good example  - recruiting company "Gloria", that work at the market more than 10 years.