What is the beginning of a career in IT?

The fact that the most evolving field today is IT known to everyone. IT-specialists with experience, because they called snapped on all continents. Even a new term has appeared in professional slang - IT recruiting. Kiev, for example, or rather, the recruitment agency (Ukraine) "Gloria" is constantly searching for candidates for the vacancy "IT-specialist". Moreover, the list of specific proposals for professionals of this profile sometimes occupies more than one page. Selection of the right staff is not easy and is associated with many features. We will tell for future potential applicants for such positions, where does the career in IT sphere begin today.
Of course, from scratch in such a profession does not fall. The basic level of knowledge, skills and abilities is required. Recruitment Agency (Ukraine) "Gloria" recommends that you begin your path to the goal with an analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses. Modern IT-area is incredibly multifaceted and diverse. The selection of the right staff today is presented not by direct developers. There is also a search for candidates for the vacancy of an account manager, SMM- and SEO-marketer, a business analyst, etc. After evaluating your advantages, you can choose those specialties in this field that are really interesting to you.
Next is the right to make a development plan and stick to it. Do not do without the preparation of a resume and send it to those companies that you most attract. In the summary, focus not on those courses that have already been taken, but on the list of tasks that have been successfully implemented. In this case, sit back and wait for a positive decision from a potential employer will not be entirely true. For the success in this area the relevance of practical skills is extremely important. Therefore, self-development and self-improvement should become the norm of everyday life. If you are interested in course training, give preference to those courses that are conducted by specialized IT-enterprises. Their advantage is a large degree of practicality and the ability to combine training with work. In addition, such companies are directly interested in preparing truly qualified personnel for their needs. The only thing is that for entering such courses you will have to perform some kind of test task, most often in English. To clarify, for the success of a career in the IT field is extremely important due level of knowledge of the English language. That is why it is recruiting Kiev, and agencies on the periphery that implement the selection of the necessary personnel for this industry, pay attention to the level of English each applicant.
Of course, the first step in a career is an interview with a future employer, which today often involves several stages. First, an interview with a recruiter. Secondly, a technical interview. Third, the execution of the test task. In addition to typical questions during the interview, you need to be prepared for psychological testing, and to solve problems on logic, cases, etc. At the same time, the candidate’s ability to interact with the team, his initiative, and communication skills are also evaluated.
Of course, the best time to start working in IT is student years. Thus, in parallel with the receipt of a specialty by profile in the university, the necessary practical skills will be acquired. Of course, it’s not worth dreaming about the huge earnings. Most likely, this will be the so-called internship. But the advantages of such employment is also a lot, because there is an opportunity to present their own level of knowledge, and at the same time understand the subtleties of the profession, gaining experience and improving their own capabilities.