What is meant by the social package?

If you at this moment find work and regularly learn the vacancies in media, specialized websites, so you, probably, not one time meet the anouncements, in which the employers indicate proudly the term "social package". In theory, all we understand that the social package - is special social package. But, in fact, do you know what is in this package? We tell you more, about this even we don't know, because every modern enterprise has its own social package and your task before employ on the service (or during similar employment) is  to know obligatory about the content of this mysterious social package.

Why do we need to know about the content of the social package? To reach a correct decision in the occasion, if you will be offered the place at the same time in several companies. Sometimes it can be, that the level of the salary in one company is slightly lower, while in another, on the contrary, it is slightly higher. But if to look also the social package, so it will turn out, that  the first enterprise has in its content the medical insurance, and even the payment for the transportation and connection services. In the second case it will be simply standarts, established by the governement payments. Of course, go to the work, in conclusion will be better especially in the first organistion.

Moreover, really a lot of the young and "starter" enterpreneurs of Ukraine think mistaken, that the social package - are those charges, which they need to pay for the employee in the case of illness, maternity leave.  They think, that the charges in the pension fund are also here. But, really, all mentioned-above  are written in the legslation and everything this, if you  work legally, of course, is necessary to give for new employee.

But what the real social package can conclude in itself? First of all we repeat again, that for every company the social package content its own, individual. Some enterprises offer to its employees free meals. This is especiallu actual for the huge enterprises. In general, if the enterprise  is still at a considerable distance from the settlement, employees can be offered a transfer. If it is about the frintline worker, so the transfer is carried out by buses from the determined station of the public transport, underground station. If it is on mind the employee of more high level, rabge, so for him it can offered  the personal car to go on the work and (or) to transfer in the city with working purposes.

It is often the huge enterprises,also manufactoring, build its own gyms,clubs and present for everyone (or only some) employees the possibility of its free visiting.

At last time the social package, especially for those companies, which are in remote districts and  are interested in the really qualified personnel, include also an item on free housing. Of course, the higher the "level" of the specialty, the more quality apartments you will be offered. In general, it is necessary to nitice, that free housing within social package - is also an almost ordinary phenomenon for those foreign companies that are looking for employees among Ukrainians.

More rarely, but also, it is quite pleasant addition for the social package can be paid as touristic trip ticket. But medical insurances, unfortunately, are not concluded in the ukrainian companies. To make conclusion of all mentioned-above, it is possible to speak that the more wide company, the more attractive such enterprises become for us - potential employees. Consequently, it is obligatory to take into consideration this item, selecting for yourself the future work place.