What is important in pre-employment, professionalism or motivation?

What is important in pre-employment, professionalism or motivation?

The question, clarified in the title, for someone can be difficult, but for others is elementary. Some persons are absolutely sure that professionalism is very important in employment. Another is in favour to the exact motivation priority. Who has right, the time is showing, and also concret conditions....Let's try to understand what is more important in vacancy closing  for the potential modern employer - motivation or also high professionalism.

Nowadays the motivation is understood as some impulse to the actions. It is about the process from the sphere of psysiological psychology, especially about what manages by the behavior of the concret person, plots a vector of the orientation, activity, organisation, steadiness, directed on the satisfaction of your own needs. There are some kinds of motivation such: positive, negative, internal and external. The last one is related with the content of the conrect activity, but determined by some conditions, in conformity with the subject of the external plan. But internal motivation depend very tightly on the activity content, but not from the external conditions. If looking the positive and negative motivation, so the first is based on the impetus with the sign "+", and negative - on the analogues with the sign "-".

Under  professionalism some scientists understand special characteristic to make effectively and systematically professional activity in the concret conditions. The professionalism is often identified with such set as competencies + competence + specialization. There is also a certain zone of responsibility assigned + delegation of authority, and the amount of knowledge acquired + acquired skills, and prof. level in a certain sphere. Standing point, in any case, for any specialist is determined level of the professionalism.  The existing potential abilities and motivation are, without words, important. But, agree, if to motivate the person from street, without corresponding level, there is tremendous risk to receive a layman instead the professionalist.

The motivation also has a lot of the pitfalls. Firstly, it is about  its traditional instruments, as "carrot and stick". Firstly, to achieve the necessary result, it is necessary to manage virtuosic. For the second, as a rule, the additional resources  are needed, what it is not rationally. Evidently, that the mentioned-above tools don't work very well. Particularly this concerns those cases, when it is expected the creative approach to the actions. Then the emperatives are working, but not the motives. It is about internal motivation stimulation, striving to achieve the concret results, to proove maximum comptency, finally, proper leadership in the determined sphere.

We make conclusion. If to take any publication with the list of vacancies, so even with a cursory review it becomes clear that most of the text in them is focused specifically on the professional skills of applicants. From another side, observing for the real people on its working place, it is cleat that  employers are more interested in motivating employees. Especially that is why from two applicants on the position, the vacancy will be closed that less professional, who potentially will "be and overachiever".  Out of work, how strangely it sounds,  it may sound, more often are more professional people who are looking for work for the sake of wages and nothing more ... It is clear, that the given conclusion does not concern those spheres, in which from the professional specialists  depend on the professionalism of specialists.