What employers are most interested in in a resume

The Gloria recruiting company not only carries out professional staff recruitment (Kiev, region), but also regularly publishes tips for employers and job seekers. As a rule, these recommendations are based on real experience of interaction with the first and second. The topic of this post is the most important points in the resume for employers.
The first thing a professional pays attention to when considering a resume, and it doesn’t matter if it is necessary to select personnel from Kiev or the periphery, the position of HR manager or routine work in IT, is a photograph. In fact, the photo of the candidate is important when searching for all the experts, and not just those whose activities involve communicating with other people. It is the photo that shows at what level a particular person has the skill of self-presentation. “Picture” always attracts attention, and on a subconscious level, the recruiter immediately evaluates the taste and belonging to the candidate’s corporate culture. Whether it is supposed to be a HR manager or work in IT, a personal picture must be as serious as possible. If there isn’t one for any reason, it’s best to send a resume without a snapshot. However, at the same time, the candidate is often perceived as a negligent person, and his chances of getting the desired position are rapidly decreasing.
The key “filter” for almost all employers is the matching of the experience of the applicant to the desired position. One exception is working at IT. Here, employment without experience is sometimes possible, provided the candidate is serious, willing to learn a lot.
A small retreat is the best option when the position claimed by the applicant repeats word-for-word declared in the vacancy.
A high position of a vacant position implies from 5 to 10 years of practice in the profile of work. The list of tasks performed by a candidate in a particular position is also mandatory. Therefore, it is desirable to describe past responsibilities, and especially professional achievements, in detail. Enumeration of specific successful projects in which they took part will also not be superfluous. If, at the previous place of work, the duties, albeit in a large company with a good reputation, were fundamentally different from those announced in the new position, one can rely solely on the initial position.
Gloria recruiting company considers the number of indicated jobs to be very important in the resume. Priority for all, without exception, is the stability of applicants. What is meant? Candidates who have for a short period a lot of entries in the work book do not inspire confidence in anyone. There is an opinion that the "flyers" do not make much effort for career growth and the return on them is small. And such people are often in conflict. Therefore, most employers prefer long-term employees to similar job seekers.
Career promotion is also analyzed, not only the height of the official position, but also the correspondence of the job title to the functions performed.
Many managers are particularly interested in their last job and the reason for the change of company.
And a few words about what is unacceptable in a resume. First, brevity is relevant to this document. The recruiter, as a rule, spends up to a minute to view one resume, so when compiling it, you should not go beyond the permissible amount. Secondly, remember to be literate and carefully submit it to spelling, logic, and punctuation mistakes before submitting your resume.