What do not need to write (specify) in the CV.

Dear friends, we would like to draw your attention on the preparation of a CV. We have written already on our corporate website, recommendations on resume writing. Today we want to point out those things that do not need to write in a resume. It is important to know what and how to write, but also important to know what not to write in a resume.

So, putting your resume on various job portals, and sending it to the different offers, you do not know in what hands it gets. Therefore, pointing your contacts and information about place of living, do not write name of a street, the exact house number and apartment number in which you reside. We have seen a lot of resumes, in which the applicant indicates house number, apartment and also note in brackets "official residential registration". Be vigilant. Thus, indicating the address of residence, in the public domain in the network, you can easily fall prey to all sorts of scams. After all, your resume contains all the information about you. What is your name, your marital status, presence of children, your education, your work experience, your contact phone numbers, your Skype and, besides, the address of your place of living or residence.

It is not necessary to specify in the summary the series and number of the passport. This is not a profile of personal data, it's a document that should contain information about the skills, work experience, your education, and other information normally required when considering candidates for the hiring person. But not your passport details.

When you write about your education, indicate the year of enter, year of graduation, the name of the educational institution, your specialty, specialization and degree of education. But do not write the number of your diploma. Some applicants rewrite all the information from the diploma, including the number and date of issue. You shouldn't write it.

Many job seekers in their resume are indicating the names, positions and direct contact of mobile phones of persons giving recommendations. As a rule, it's former executives. It's not accepted to leave in the resume that you are posting at the job portals, the contact data of third parties. You can simply point position of a specialist (just specify the name, do not write the personal details of employee at this position in the company) may be given recommendations.

It's still not all the information, and not all recommendations that are not accepted to write in the summary. Stay tuned for updates on our website.


Lyudmila Petruchenko