What caused the demand for vacancies with Blockchain technology in Ukraine?

What caused the demand for vacancies with Blockchain technology in Ukraine?

Regarding the candidates on the positions in the international companies, which give the projects support, built on the blockchain technology (such vacancies as PR, marketing manager, SMM specialist, copywriter and etc.), we meet with that, that some candidates don’t know what is «blockchain». Within a framework of our rubric «Facts of recruitment» we want to talk what is blockchain and if the opinions of some specialists are fair, that this is one of the principal technologies breakthrough of the modernity.

Blockchain – is technology, on base of what Bitcoin is built. On this we stop in our next article in details. It is mistaken to think that blockchain is not only technology for the cryptocurrency.

It is important to notice, that bitcoin –is not only single branch of the blockchain using.

Yes, at the end of 2016 year, according to the data of the fund Santander Innoventures, more than 25 cases with blockchain using in the financial institutes were registered.

If you are a lawyer and you proof read difficult contracts, so the blockchain technology is used as «smart contract». It permits to cut out a lot of unnecessary actions on the contract proofreading. Also, the electronic public officer Stampery  witness the agreements by using blockchain.

Because the principle of the blockchain work, as technology, is quite easy. It presents by itself as the book of data record, which every participant of the measure has it and this book is always renewed. In fact, this book can also include any measure - from crypto-currency transactions (as is generally perceived) to an effective questionnaire or identifying data that the users use.

Technological particularity of blockchain is that the blocks of the given book at the same time are saved in all users of the network, they are usually renewed, and refer to the old pages.  In the case when someone of the users tries to cheat and to best the system, then the system will immediately turn to tens of thousands of other versions of this book and will detect discrepancies in the structure of the blocks. In such way, this makes its functioning more reliable and secure.

The blockchain technology is perfectly applied in the author’s right, it is possible the save of the digital ID data is possible.

Of course, today this technology has its line of risks. Firstly – it is lack of the regulator legislative base. It is possible to say.  We can say that there are no standards of functioning for today. In addition, this is new system, and this means, that old systems, which are used by the participants right now, need formatting in accordance with new.

But as any new direction, it gives specialists a wide field for development. In the companies of Switzerland and USA and etc, this technology is gaining tremendous momentum, that is why  the Ukrainian  representatives  of these companies open today a lot of vacancies, one way or another related to the blockchain  technology.

If you «keep step» with time, and you are interested in development – so then at our website you can always find the vacancies from the leading world companies, which work on the progressive technologies! Courage after you!