What are the advantages of the remote employees?

Many of modern enterpreneurships give up their offices, prefering to work independently "at home" ( or less in the office) and from their own apartments to lead by the personnel work. In this it is expected, that the employees will also work remotely, that means from their houses and flats.

Anothers companies act mote radically, and permit to work only for several employees as they say in the professional environment, "remotely".  But the tendancy to  increase the number of the "home-besed worker" is overlooking, and today we decided to explain, with what it is related.

In general, there are nt any special secrets. The number of the remoted employees are always increased, because it is worthy for the modern enterprises. Only on the most  conservative estimates on the which the company can count that economy, transferring one its employees "at home" consists 40 % comparing with the employees on the same position, sitting in the office. With what this economy is related?

Firstly, an owner of the company release himself  of the necessity to maintain the working place. And this means, that he can rent the office with a smaller area ( and this is cheaper) or in general to refuse office (about this, we already spoke at the very beginning of the given article).

Of course, if the employee works at home, so there is no necessity to buy the furniture for his working place, office appliances, and also to pay for the content of the last one. Because  today the services on the check out, computer setting  and corporate networks  are very expensive. In general, this is again economy. However, sometimes the employees ask to give them for the work at home "office computer". But it is sooner the blatant exception to the rules than routine. And you, considering this, if a specialist is not included in the category of "irreplaceable", you can completely refuse him.

Thirdly, the larger the city, the higher the level of housing prices and the level of wages. In this is again one perfect possibility for economy on the remoted employees. Because you will not be hindered to find an employee from another region for work "from home". The last ones, as usual, need less salary than their metropolitan counterparts.

Fourthly, you have the possibility to pay for the remote employee not simply "for time", but in full for the concret result of the work (it is important to drawn up correctly the contract). It will be in particular actual for those enteprises, where the period of the active work is changed by the period of the needed inactivity ( the time between the implementation of the separate projects, orders and etc.).

Fifthly, this is, of course, not legaly, but you can hire for the "remote work" the person illegally, that is absolutely without contract. Therefore, in the given case we advise to find the executors on the special frelancers' exchanges. The last ones require not a lot for theis work, and in fact  everyone will be glad to start to work with you on the permanent base. You can set the task absolutely free, then to find a suitable performer (both at a price and qualification level) and only then talk with a person about a possible future cooperation.

Sixthly, the remote work - is not the work on the schedule "from 8 until 17". At any rate, you can easily find the people, which will agree to work in early morning or late evening. So, such employees can become the real treasure for those employers, for which the continuity of the labor process is very important. For example, today the most profitable are online stories, working day and night. For such website the workers  "at home" with comfortable schedule for them are simply ideal variant.