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Despite the fact that hydrangeas are consistently in high demand, not many people know about this plant, even the smallest. And about some curious facts about this “flower resembling a purple sun” (as the plant is called in Japan) are generally known to few. We would like to bring some of these facts for you further.
The first curious fact about hydrangea is that the birthplace of this flower is not at all Europe, as many mistakenly believe. In fact, this plant came to us relatively recently (fourteenth century) from the eastern states - Japan, China.
Few people know that hydrangea is not just a shrub. Individual varieties are also low trees, and the rest are vines.
For many, the fact that the color of hydrangea flowers depends on ... the state of the soil is also surprising. So, depending on the presence and (or) absence of certain elements in the ground, hydrangea can be not only white (original color), but also pink, blue, violet, etc.
And the real revelation for the majority is that hydrangea can be not only a deciduous flower, but also an evergreen.
In addition, until now, not everyone knows where to buy a bouquet with hydrangea, quickly and easily. And on this we just would like to dwell a little more.
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