Vacancies of small companies, how engage the candidates

Vacancies of small companies, how engage the candidates

Practically every modern specialist, in addition it is not important, this is specialist on marketing or an engineer, developer or manager, dreams to work in tremendous, popular corporation. Of course, because especially big companies create usuallu for its employees the best conditions, offer wide possibilities for the career growth, and also....And also, just so flattering to see in the eyes of others the admiration, when you, answering the question "Where do you work?", call the name of the world-known enterprise.

And everything, it  would seen well, but what to do for those enterpreneurs, which just open their affair, only start to develop their own enteprise and now are not able to bluster by world-known name? How to act such managers, because they also need good staff, which will just be the key to future success? The answers to these questions we would like to bring to you further.

The first key thing, what you need to do - is worthy present your company in the process of the employee's search. Of course, the best way - to trust the search of the future employees to the experienced recruiting company. Here even for the starter firm we can select the worthy candidate. But what to do, if your budget does not permit such costs? Then we use our own firces and place on the free internet space or in the press the correspondent announcement.

Mentioned-above announcement, firstly, must conclude in itself the exact name of your company, and also its activity sphere. What concerns the last one, there is no need to write about everything what you do. It will be enough to remember shortly  in the brackets "wholesale shoes", " medicine equipment sale", "author's postcards production" and etc.

Secondly, in the announcement  it will be obligatory the offer. In addition for the formulation of this offer we advise and recommend to use the phrase "announces a contest". At this time the phrase "invite at work" is not suitable. Why? In the first case, everything looks like more solid and also it is expected that for the positon several specialist must fight. To paticipate in such battel not everyone will want , but only experienced in themselves specialists. But " work invitation" - is very "soft" formulation in the case, if you want to get really strong personnel.

Thirdly, in its announcement it is necessary to indicate which specialist you find. Don't afraid to indicate the narrow specialisation. To understand, what the real expert is talking about, whereas all those who are not experienced enough will immediately be eliminated. And, surely, notice, that the more narrow specialisation, the higher salary.  But don't cross the line and soberly calculate the current level of wages and financial capabilities of your company.

Forthly, it is important, of corse, to indicate the concret requirements to the candidate. The more exact it will be, the less  you will take time to screen out candidates that are inappropriate for age, sex, or experience. Generally, there is important moment. The thing is in that currently legislation of Ukraine does not permit with you to describe directly in the announcement: only woman from 25 until 35 years. It can be accepted as discrimination and even provoke some right problems. What we must do then? Use the formulation: for the easy work is needed the employee of middle age.

Fifthly, in order to not spend your time and the employee's time, it is necessary to indicate in the announcement that salary, which you are ready to pay for the employees. The amount is better to indicate not exact, but in the range "from and to".