TOP of the most boring professions in the world

You always complain of your friends, relatives or known ones on your profession, holding out hope, that it is very boring, monotonous and here there is any possibilty to show your creativity. It is likely that after reading the rating below, you will change your mind. And everything because that, further we will tell you about really the most boring professions.

At the first place in our today rating the profession of lawyer, jurist. In general, the formulation of the title of the concret position can be various, when the sense is one - know everything about law. Did you still think that the profession of a lawyer is something exciting, unusual, an opportunity to help people and literally conduct investigations? If yes, so the modern TV series and drama shows influenced on you. In fact, the lawyer spends most of his time drawing up and testing standard contracts, studying new legislation. And, of course, it is necessary to communicate regularly with those who want to get the answer on this or another questions or to witness this or another document. In general, here everything is boring.

At the second place is so-called project manager. Yes, of course, the name of this profession sounds quite proudly and intricately, but in fact, work requirements of the similar specialist is quite monotonous and boring. That it will be more comprehensible for you, about what it is about, we notice, that project manager -  loosely speaking, controls over implementation of this or that project. It means the specialist needs to take this or another project and thinks how it will be better to realise, estimates and takes into account all possible risks, find the way for its minimization and make any other boring monotonous things.

At the third place in our rating the work of those people, who practice so called technical support. In fact, more boring and monotonous work simply does not exist and can not be, because after agreeing to a similar position, a person commits himself within 12 hours ( there are only small breaks; the change usually lasts as long as) answer on messages on the phone or online, The messages can be the most different: "I can't do smth", "Smth is not working out", "Help me" - but all this only in theory. In fact, a lot of the calls and messages come from not adequate citizens or children, who are hungry to ask not the smartest questions.

Further in the list it is possible to include such profession as financial analytic. In actual fact, all work of the representatives of this speciality is to control how some enterpise dispose by money. For instance, this control comes down to checking various financial documents and looking for errors, blots and intentional discrepancies. Is it boring? Of course!

It's no fun to perform your professional duties and those people who are engaged in consulting. In general, the consulting involves consulting managers, directors on various (as usual financial, experting, legal questions). In fact everything is looked like: a consulting specialist is approached by a representative of a particular company asking how his company can earn more and spend less. Further the employee explain for a long time and diligently to the company representative how to achieve the desirable thing, focusing on how unique the customer enterprise is and how difficult it was for him to develop, to pick up an allegedly atypical answer to an allegedly unusual question.

Thus, do you still consider, that your profession is the most boring in the world?