Top manager, ideal disposer, what is he

Many of us mistakenly believe that managers, that is, specialists in managing people, are representatives of a fairly young profession. In fact it is about, how correctly, competently manage by others, the human began to think hardly from the darkest and far-off times. For example, the reasoning on this account is set in the popular ancient Chinese tractate "War art" which dates from the border of the sixth to fifth centuries BC.

And about this how correctly manage by another people Platon also thought. In his work "State", written in 360 year BC, this popular philosopher described exactly ideal state and  how in this state it is necessry to manage by citizens.

Machiavelli also thought about the management problems. These thoughts found their reflection in the tractatum "The prince", printed in 1532 year. 

To what this all? Management is not so young, how many of us think and principal statements, dogmas, concerning similar discipline, have long been identified  and determined - is fact. But anybody agree that every time brings into management  something new, unique, original. But especially in the competent observance of generally accepted dogmas and similar new trends, and lies the secret of the ideal disposer - the top manager.

Since we have already touched on the theme of new trends in the modern management, it will be absolutely interesting to speak which qualities of the similar specialists were considered as principal in 2015 year and which will be the most important in 2020. The popular experts and analytics told already their opinions on the first and second questions. We just have to "rewind the information", compare the information received.

So, the principal qualities for managers in 2015 year were:

·                              ability to make dialogue with any person;

·                              ability to motivate correctly your team;

·                              ability to think "on perspective", strategically;

·                              ability to think fairly, estimate the situation critically;

·                              ability to organise the work in a team (from one hand, it is necessary to establish the contact in the collective, from another hand - to set itself in such way to be an absolute leader).

As for the ideal manager of the sample of 2020, then here on the foreground should come out other qualities, skills, abilities:

·                              ability to manage effectively by the remote employees;

·                              exact understanding of the work principles of all modern mediastructures;

·                             adaptive thinking, that is ability to change its thinking, its behavior depending on the dynamics of circumstances;

·                              sensitivity ( ability to identify in advance, literally feel, feel those trends that will soon become global);

·                              cross-cultural thinking ( understanding of that how the culture, society and in general, all whole surrounding world influences on the psyche of the collective, concrete person and, accordingly, reacts to this influence and controls it).

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