To obtain the employment with small children? It is real.

To obtain the employment with small children? It is real.

It is not a secret to anybody, that the modern employers do not want to employ the mommies with small children. Everyone knows that small children  fell ill very often, and need the increased attention and the owners of the enterprises think that mommies will not have enough forces and time to do their maternal and professional obligations. But what can you do to be accepted for service? Let's understand this together!

Firstly, you need to persuade the employer in that you have the additional variant, it means the person who can be with children in the case of the illness or to take out a baby of the kindergarden, school, in the case of the emergency job on the service.  The ideal variant - to bring on the interview the included agreement with a baby tender. However, it is also possible to bring the employment recod book of your mother of sister. Is here there is a stamp about the recent break of the employment relations, so it can be the great approvement that the relatives left the work specially to help you with the child and you will not be disturbed during the employment obligations performing.

Secondly, it is important to tidy yourself before register on employer's eyes. Unfortunately, some mommies, caring about the child, do not have a time to keep fit and to be master of yourself. The stains of the infant nutrition on the clothes and the children's toys which are falling out of the bag will not give you the odd glasses in the employer's eyes. But a young woman in the  ironing formal suit, with accurate manicure and not bright make-up, with well-groomed hair creats great impression for the future salary payer. The serious matter can be safely entrusted for such woman, is not it?!

Thirdly, it needs in a proper way to get it right your CV. In CV it is obligatory to indicate that you have a child. Many young mommies try to hide the presence of the baby and make a fatal mistake. The thing is in that those people who recruit the employees, always check the candidates very carefully on those or another post. So, if in your CV you try to deceive your employer, so this deception will be not only open, but also immediately put an end to your possible work at this enterprise.

However, in your own CV it is necessary to include not only the presence of a child, but those new qualities, skills, that you probably acquired with the birth of a crumb. Of course, you should not write that you have learned to change diapers and to wash your baby by yourself. But write that now you can do several tasks at the same time, it will be not odd. In spite of this, you can hardly write in CV that you are responsible and stress-resistant person. Everyone, who has a child in the family, automatically is acquire these qualities.

In addition, to the future employment in a proper way you need to prepare not only yourself and your CV. Prepare your child to this obligatory. Even the baby is very small, start to say him about your wish to go work, and about a wish to realize and earn more money for you with baby. Without such preparation your going to work will be a significant stress and for you (such preparation is needed not only for a baby, but and for you too), and for a child. If you do not forget to hold such trainings, that is why, as a result, the going to work (the last, having used by our advices, you will receive exactly) will be less traumatizing for both.