The search of the team lead in IT company - hunting features

The search of the team lead in IT company - hunting features

The recruiting company «Gloria», reviews of which are always positive, in today's article decides to highlight quite actual on this moment theme. Today it will be about the post «team lead» and about that, how correctly search the similar employee for its IT-enterprise.

First of all, the recruiting agency «Gloria» tell you who in general іs the «team lead»-employee. And then it will be about how to search and select IT staff ( Kiev - big and enough promising city in this direction, so here there are some particularities  on the selection of such specialists).

At last time in Ukraine, word-to-word, as the mushrooms grow the different outsourcing companies or, if tell simply - the enterprises, which develop the different programme decisions, which are able to increase the level of that or another (customer usually concret) bussiness. There is nothing surprising in this order of the things, because the outsoursing - is quite profitable sphere,which today brings the perfect income.

So, in any other company that has chosen for yourself this sphere of activities, obligatory will be so-called  «team lead»-specialist.  In every concret outsourcing company the obligations of such employee differe (this, in additional, make difficult the search and selection of the IT staff). Kiev and its  «team lead»-employee, regardless on this, traditionally make some similar roles, the principal one of which is to lead the development team.

Taking into consideration the translation of this post ( «team lead» in Russian language is translated as the «chief of the group»), the main obligations of such employee on the team leading is comprehensible. So here, there are the main requirements, which the recruiting company on the IT selection «Gloria» takes into account, looking for similar specialist.

So, the first requirement to such employees is in their high communication skills and the ability to find an approach to any person. This is very, very important, because the modern IT-specialist often differ by the not traditional thinking, unusual point of view on the life and has minimal skills of the social behavior. That is why the recruiting agency  «Gloria » painstankingly looks for the «team lead»-specialists, able to deal with the most problematic and, in combination, the most talented (usually it is in such way) IT-developers.

«Gloria» – perfect recruiting agency, tha rating of which among of the concurent-company is incredibly high, also hurries to pay your attention and for one important aspect, which is worth considering, looking for a "team lead" -specialist. This specilist has also to know the technical part of the question on the highest level. If not he will not be able to estimate the results of the work, made by the team, and he will not be able to assemble into a single product all those components, which were created by the every separate member of the collective.

The recruiting company  «Gloria», the reviews about the work of which we have mentioned above, always the best, persuades, that «team lead»-employee also have to know the tester's skills. The given recruiting company on the IT selection pesuades that this aspect is also definitely worth considering to find really good specialist - «team leader».

The mentioned above is far not all, but only some criterions, which you must take into acount, selecting for your «team lead»-employee. Taking into consideration the diffuculty of all «hunting» process, it is better in this case to trust professionals in this business, choose an experienced recruiting agency, the rating of which is really high. The good variant - the agency «Gloria».