The most popular profession in 2010


2010 was difficult for labour market, post-crisis situation is still very much affected. However, the number of vacancies has increased. Employers have again started to look for staff, renewing the dynamics of their businesses.


Our company operates in the market for recruitment, and we had a list of the most sought-after professions in the labour market in 2010, focusing on the applications that we receive and the overall situation of the labour market.


In 2010, employers are most searched for:


Sales managers. Most of these specialists were needed in the automotive market, the market for agricultural products, technologies and market food products. They can also be attributed, and top positions in sales, such as commercial director.


In second place (as in 2009) are specialists in IT sphere. Employers are most interested in the database developers, web - designers, programmers.


The next place  a brand - managers, public relations and marketing. The demand for them grew, compared with rates in 2009, but the level of wages has remained substantially low, equating to pre-crisis performance yardsticks.


The demand for banking professionals increased . Especially cashiers, managers work with clients and top positions.


Fifth place is occupied by the auditors and accountants. Moreover, almost every employer wants to see the accountant to audit the ability of the enterprise.


In sixth place were placed experts building industry. Employers are looking for a project - managers, architects, engineers and heads of departments of construction.

HR professionals in demand: HR managers, departmental management staff, heads of HR, personnel officers.

The last in our list of office staff: secretaries, office - managers and assistant managers. These professionals have increased requirements: they are 80% must be fluent in English, an excellent knowledge of many computer programs that have experience in conducting and recording business meetings, to have completed higher education.


Analyzing the market, we can assume that in 2011 the trend of the labour market remain current with the changes that the construction sector professionals, and HR managers will be looking for more. The same increase of interest to lawyers and professionals of the financial market.