The first employment in IT

As is well known, both the IT labor market and IT specialists are a special field, with their own rules and differences. First, both similar companies and IT specialists are very widely represented in the virtual. Secondly, the search for specialists for companies of this kind is accompanied, as they say, by the immediate dissemination of information, both positive and negative. Thirdly, the recruitment agency Gloria notes that in most IT specializations the demand is much higher than the offers, and therefore recruiting Kiev (Ukraine) often uses all the options to attract, as well as the motivation of potential employees.
It should also be noted that in this area there is practically no such phenomenon as cronyism. Strangely enough, the search for specialists for IT-profile companies is actively being conducted today among applicants without specialized education. The main criterion - practical skills and the necessary knowledge base, allowing you to perform work at the proper level. By and large, here the result is much more important than formalities, and the toolkit is quite accessible, as well as training materials.
The recruitment agency “Gloria” also notes for job seekers who are planning their first job in the IT sector, rapid wage growth when compared with other areas or even c IT in Western countries. It is important to understand that even beginning IT specialists can expect far more attractive salaries than employees in other fields.
Further, specific recommendations for the first employment in IT. Agency recruitment "Gloria", first of all, advises to determine the direction of interest, and maybe even with a specific specialization. It is most logical to choose what is already a positive experience. The specialization is closely related to the choice of technologies in which you intend to realize yourself. There is a stick about 2 ends. If you choose one of the sought-after, you should be prepared for a huge competition. Prefer less popular analogue, thereby reducing the chance to find a job for the soul. Specify, the recruitment agency "Gloria", conducting a search for specialists for companies of IT-profile, takes into account such a parameter as the total number of vacancies. It is a good indirect indicator of the number of vacancies for beginners, subject to the presence of a certain correlation.
When choosing a technology, experts also recommend taking into account such components as place of residence, degree of personal interest, consideration of existing skills and strengths as a professional.
And about the entry points to the first job. The best option is definitely to turn to professionals. Recruiting (Kiev, Ukraine) from "Gloria" is an impeccable reputation and a guaranteed result.
If you want to try your luck on your own, you can try to do it on specialized freelance exchanges, to assist friends. For example, a novice developer can design a portal for a children's clothing store for his favorite kums. Good experience really get in collaboration with familiar freelancers. However, with such attempts at serious earnings should not count.
Excellent entry points to the IT market are considered to be profile courses of companies, after which they can be hired. Worthy of attention and suggestions of IT-enterprises, recruiting staff for internship. Moreover, recruitment experts (Kiev, Ukraine) "Gloria" recommend considering not only the paid options of the latter, but also free analogues. You can try yourself in the profile of interest in remote, possibly even unpaid work first.