The employees of the new generation, which are they?

When we speak about the employees of the new-genration, we have in mind those, who has twenty years old  or approximately 20 years now. It is about the people which grow amont the most different digital technology. They by hand very rarely, they know everything about popular networks and they make friends very actively, but they take leave with them very quick.  Unfortunately, such attitutude in the new-generation people is observed not only in the communication plan in Vkontakte or Facebook. In such way they eppertain to the work, relentissly and without any constraint leaving disliked work and to go into "freewheeling" And the employees of the new-generation are very often bent on the themselves, enough lazy and all this imposes a significant impact on how it is worthwhile to build working relations with them.

For us, citizens, who have already crossed the 30-year anniversary, it seems, that in twenty years the person is enough adult and independent, that he not only can, but should make its own decisions and bear the responsibility for them. Yes, of course, our coeval friends in their twenty years were really such, but the workers of the new-generate this is not concerning. The modern twenty years old persons spend bigger part of their childhood before the computer, not interesting in the real outside world. It is very often that the parents tooke the decisions instead of them. And if they took the decisions, they dealt  with games and network communication, and if something went wrong, you could always go "offline".

What follows from all the above ? It means that the employee of the new generation, firstly, it is necessary to shield from the need to make independent decisions, because this can provoke the panics and the attempt to disconnect again from the reality, it means, to take discharge. It is necessary to achieve the task performance, it is maximum exactly to set the same task. In this it needs to explain, and it is better to write on the paper and to transfer to the worker of the new-generation the short instructions according to that, how it should to make the same task. 

By the way, making the setted task in accordance with your detailed plan, there is a high chance that the twentieth years young employee decided to express the creativity. If for such determined task this is available, so the problems won't be. If everything should be arid and laconic, in accordance with strong rules and without breakaway of the strong norms, so it is necessary to inform earlier about this the employee of the new-generation, in this it will be better, again, to make this in the writing. That he don't forget anything.

In addition, the employees of the new-generation have also and good qualities. One of such qualities - multitasks, the possibility to work at the same time on the desicion of the most different problems. The people of the new-generation is really easily to go over between the separate tasks, works, actions. All right, because when it grows, he at the same time watches the cable, plays on the computer, and at this time communicates in the network. And that is why if in this there is a possibility - assign several tasks to the today's twentith worker. If the terms and the tasks will be adequate, so he will immediately perform all the tasks.

And again one positive quality of the employees of the new generations - the tasks performance in the mentioned terms. It is very important, that the tasks ans the terms are exact (not "to the end of the week", but " until 17:00 in this Friday". And for the first attempt to give the task after the determination of the mentioned earlier term (the twentith yearls old emmployee is exactly try to do this), should  immediately be followed by punishment, for example, in the form of a fine.