SPA salon manager - is owner's authorized representative

SPA salon manager - is owner's authorized representative

A few years ago, SPA-salon was bizarre novelty for our country, so today, perhaps, even kindergartners know what kind of institution it is and what services it provides to the population. Generally, for the last time not only awareness of citizens about SPA-salons has increased significantly. But the number of such institutions were increased, and this means level of competency is also increased.

Your institution works in the industry of beauty, provides SPA-services and about mentioned-above do you know not from hearsay? Have you ever recently meet with more intense competition? So this publication will be incredibly useful, actual for you, bacause today we will speak about first person of the salon, of whom the future success of your institution will depend on 100%.

How do you think - who is he, the main hero of our article and that person, from whom approximately on 100% depends the success of you salon? No, it is not the leading specialist of director - is manager. Why his work is so important? Let's understand together!

Firstly, especially manager is some link between salon head and its employees - masters. To speak simply, as usual, only manager bring to the employees the orders of the head and he also give the desires of the collective to the head. Moreover "relations grade" between director/personnel will depend on the manager and of that how he will send information for the first and second ones. Because everyone knows that one and the same phrase and the same action can be inteprpreted differently.

Secondly, it is usually the manager who is responsible for planning and implementing the strategy for the subsequent development of the institution. And it means that from the manager's decision will depend in which especially direction of the salon will go further and for what this direction will lead in the conclusion.

And it is very often that the manager is resonsible for the dutires on the decision of the staff question, on the formng of the principal marketing strategy and etc. In addition, in some salons, where the head ( he is also founder) can't or (and) does not want to be in the institution very often, so all head's responsibilities become managers.

Of course, to make everything mentioned-above, the manager should have formed duties. But it is very important, that the similar employee understand, that it is not, in general,he, but the head who plays the role "of the first violin"on the insitution and should take all different strategical decisions only with prior notice / consent of the owner.

What else, inspite of the exact understanding of the measure of his responsibility, the manager of your SPA-salon should know and be able to do that your institution thrives? It is imporatant in the given case the ability to create great collective and to maintain here the positive spirit, pleasant microclimate.

The discipline is also significant for the salon manager. It is about, firstly, about self-descipline, because the collective is unlikely to work well,productive, if his immediate "mini-boss" allows himself freedom in the form of late work, etc.

Absolutely, above we listed not far all, but only principal qualities which manager of your salon should have. But if your employee has not got such qualities, so this is a reason to be seriously worried, alert. Generally, it is worthwhile to be on guard even if the business of the institution has not been going very well lately, whereas the manager says that everything is "OK". The last one p is serious reason to think about the change of the manager.

But if you manager copies well with everything, so don't forget that appreciated employees are always possible and necessary to motivate. Some percent from monthly income of the institution  - perfect impetus to work better.