Selection of TOP staff of the company

Today, any, even a tiny recruitment agency is boldly taken for selecting the TOP of the company. Another question is, how well does it manage such an uneasy task? Let's try to figure out which recruiting company will be able to optimally select the TOP staff for the customer's company.

In the conditions of the current realities of the market, realizing the search and selection of personnel (whether the customer or the periphery, the recruitment company Gloria does not single out anyone), the most important task is finding the candidate that would best meet the stated requirements. Consulting company Gloria, whose work even in the conditions of shortage of top managers, are excellent, has its secrets in this regard. Yes, this recruiting agency has earned its rating for years, and now it helps others with pleasure.

The main thing that is required if the task - the search and selection of personnel (Kiev - Gloria) put at the center of the criteria such as professionalism of achievements + personal effectiveness of candidates. The thing is that these components characterize the best way for each participant of the so-called "top" category of employees.

However, the above is far from the only thing that should be taken into account in such problems. After all, in fact, you need a person who has the necessary competencies, and is well trained, and still characterized by a good motivation. Actually, it is the top management that determines the success of any business undertaking. The contractor must know the market, to be guided, at what stage of development is the company-customer. It should also take into account the nuance that the "top" category of applicants more often than others conducts a search for a place, not referring to the recruiting agency, but through personal channels. Most often these are acquaintances and connections, as well as recommendations. The candidate now works with everything that has been worked out over the years by managerial work.

What are the technologies Gloria Consulting Company uses? Positive feedback on the network about the work of employees of this enterprise is largely due to the use of 2 basic technologies based on direct and standard search. The first is a key component of the so-called exclusive search (Executive Search). Recruiter Gloria in this case is a competent management consultant, a kind of intermediary between the candidate for a particular position and the owner of the business. It is interesting that in most cases, in direct search, the target audience are candidates who are not actively searching. At the same time, experts on the necessary areas are actively involved in the work with respect to applicants for the analysis of the resume, the effectiveness of the applied management decisions, and the conduct of interviews. For example, when searching for a leading specialist in marketing, it is mandatory to involve specialists in this industry. Who, however they are able to reveal the true professional level of the candidate?

It is by no means a simple selection of job seekers for "top" vacancies, it causes the beginning of each similar project with the provision of a market review to the customer, job description, approval, and approval of the main parameters of future search. The basis for each selection of candidates for the top vacancy is an individually formed search strategy, says Gloria-Kiev recruiting agency. The rating of companies in which potential candidates can work is also taken into account. And one more feature of the work of the recruitment agency Gloria. Employees here are in constant contact with key players in the Ukrainian labor market. Because even the top-vacancies are closed in the shortest time, not at the expense of quality.