Selection of the right personnel will help to increase the efficiency, company profit.

Selection of the right personnel will help to increase the efficiency, company profit.

Selection of the right personnel can help to increase the efficiency, company profit - this is an axiom, which does not need proof. But how  especially to carry out this selection to find really "right" employees with minimum time  and forces expanses? We would like to give  you further several simple and at the same time useful advices as for this.

First advice: to know exactly who to look for.

How banally it does not sound, but before to look for an employee, you need to make a list of those requirements which the person should cope. Take a paper and write which fucntions will be the responsibility of the new employee. If  there will be a lot of  such functions and they will be different, so, possibly, there is a sense to look for not one, but two employees? But, if on the contrary, there are not a lot of such functions, so think about the possibility to add to your separate employees several requirements. This permits not to attract the new employee, what means that it will give an excellent reason for significant savings.

The second advice: real professional.

Experienced businessmen know perfectly, that  the success of all business depends on the employees approximately on 99%. And everything, if you want that our enterprise go in the side of the guaranteed success, development and growth, it is necessary to take at work only the best, checked professionalists. And let such workers need to pay a little more. Believe me, very soon such spending will fully and completely pay off itself and even bring profit.

The third advice: to check and countercheck. 

To use our previous advice, that means to hire the real profesionalists at work, you  will need to not be very lazy and check the level of knowledge and skills of a person. If you can't to do this by yourself, so then do not hesitate to apply with such request to this or that recruitment agency - here you definitely need to help. And, of course, it will be necessary to check the veracity of all this information, which the person said about him. It does not take a lot of time, but in the case of some inexactitudes at this stage you can do away with the tremendous problems in the future.

The fourth advice: not only professionalist, but simply person.

Hiring a professionalist at work, you, of course, pay especially for the specialised knowledge and skills. But, agree, if the new employee won't get on together in the collective, so he simply couldn't show it skills and knowledge in full, and it means, you will pay him simply for the air. Because, hiring the new employee at work, look not only his CV but also specialist's diploma. Try also to understand which person are sitting before you, whether he is tuned to the success of your affair, whether he is open to communication or is aimed at a personal result. Having looked for the answers on all these questions, you can understand if this candidate will be convenient for your team.

The fifth advice: prepare to the interview.

It is necessary to prepare as high as possible to the interview that during the conversation you find out for yourself all that was discussed in the above tips, recommendations. Read corresponding articles in the Internet, learn all advanced methods of interviewing - this will be useful. And also don't forget to write down your impressions, emotions about that or another candidate during every  interviews, that, in the end, will eventually help you make the right decision and make the right choice.