Selection of single-discipline specialists in IT sphere

Selection of single-discipline specialists in IT sphere

It's not a secret that the selection of IT specialists, especially of narrow profile employees - this is one of the most complex and costly areas of modern recruiting. For this reason, when required such specialists, most of the major employers prefer to turn only to professionals. Recruiting company in Kiev "Gloria" for many years performs search and selection of personnel in Ukraine of such profile based on their own unique developments and has an excellent reputation. Here the selection of IT professionals implemented those professionals who has sufficient personal experience in this area and are able to conduct adequate professional analysis of each of the candidates for a specific position.

Job requirements are determinative for recruitment, therefore, eligibility criteria for applicants in each case, sometimes radically different.

Gloria - agency from search and selection of IT staff for search of experts for each category has developed a systematic set of requirements. The algorithm of candidate selection is standardized and submitted as:

  1. Formation of requirements for candidates, making of application.
  2. Search for applicants who meet the requirements of the open position, making of the "short list".
  3. Interviewing, testing.
  4. Decision-making.
  5. Primary closure of the vacancy.

Specify, completely closed position is considered only when the applicant successfully pass stage of probation period.

Of course, each of the experts is tested in his narrow sphere. At the same time, so-called technical interview - is the competence exclusively of IT-professionals. And for testing involved only those professionals who are recognized experts in their field.

If you need a junior software developer, he will be tested on knowledge of one or two programming languages, understanding of data structures, basic design techniques, data encryption systems, etc. Always will be checked and the technical documentation design skills in English, and teamwork.

Candidates for the job in the field of 1C-enterprise, in its turn, should to show a high level of modifications accounting documentation, modeled under the specific situation in the company.

Gloria - agency from search and selection of IT staff and carries out the selection of system administrators. Moreover, the search and selection of personnel in Ukraine, of such orientation means maximum attention to the professionalism of the applicant in terms of the organization of coordinated work of all structures in the network, the mobile resolution of all emerging tasks.

The candidate for the position of technical support engineer will be necessarily tested for proficiency in the field of automation (skills are taken into account with a specific automated complex, on which is expected to work in the future). Practical skills will be tested in normal and emergency operation.

Selection of programmers is carried out only by experienced programmers. In this case, the determining is not education diploma, but real-world knowledge and skills demanded in today programming languages. Be sure the ability to create effective programs based on mathematical models and algorithms is also checked.

"Gloria" Recruitment company in Kiev - this is the most competent and efficient closure of the IT-vacancies! We will find for you the best and most promising professionals in Ukraine, which you will be proud of!