Selection of cadres in Kiev


Search of employees is holding in different ways and methods. One of the most loyal and trustworthy methods is seeking for the services of search and selection of staff recruitment agency, so the activity is initially focused on the competent and professional personnel.


In its activities, professional recruitment companies, to which rightfully belongs Consulting company "Gloria", based on recognized, in the labor market methods and techniques for working with the staff. Thus, for a professional recruiter, recruitment is the main job. And on the degree of readiness and availability of professionally important, skill and abilities will depend on a large percentage of the impact of his work.


An important quality of a professional specialist is impartial personal attitude to the candidates who apply for open positions, customers, recruiting company. Search for staff involves the closure of current vacancies, recruitment agency that has for its customers. Manager of Recruitment (recruiter) must realize that his task is to find a person who meets one or another vacant position in the mainstream of professional skills, professional skills, the availability of special education-oriented views of the same business as the company - the employer. Recruitment recruiter requires a clear understanding of the requirements of the company - the customer. Specialist search and selection of staff should, in selecting suitable candidates for vacancies clients staffing companies focus solely on those requirements that are set out in it. He must assess the candidates on the basis of the established requirements of the vacancy with which he works. A good professional will not use their own personal opinions and beliefs, which is very important for recruitment. The expert should clearly understand that recruiting is no right or wrong,  good and bad candidates, and there are suitable and unsuitable for the position. In order to recruitment was carried out qualified, customer recruitment agency should indicate their requirements for future employee is not only important criteria for selecting a professional, but personal. Understanding them will help recruiters make the right choice.


Lyudmila Petruchenko