Search staff on resumes


When a company is faced with change or lack of staff, the staff are beginning to explore the employment portals and search resumes. Unfortunately, a summary of the candidate, does not allow to make the right choices and sometimes complicates and delays the search for employees. Because the resume is a formal document, which does not guarantee the accuracy of information contained in it, nor give a complete picture of human abilities and possibilities. Our recruiting company has repeatedly faced with the absolute disparity contained in a summary of the facts. So many candidates, for example, for the post of attorney,  transfer in the  summary of absolutely all kinds of right, so there may be an international arbitration, and transactions in the stock market, and conduct of criminal cases, and the passage of transactions M & A, and a number of other legal practices. But  during the interview, with high quality and professional testing outlined in the summary, expert of recruiting consulting company "Gloria", reveals that such practices are not provided by a lawyer , and even do not understand the normative - legal basis for this area of activity. A decree is a resume or because it's all write about it, or by the fact that a company in which he had previously worked, such practices has conducted. The fact that this work was carried out by other lawyers, applicants often do not mention. Recruitment involves not blind trust to written information, and inspection of all that the applicant has stated in the resume.


Successfully operating in the market, recruiting company, which is a consulting company "Gloria" is a tried and tested mechanism to verify the recommendations for every applicant who applies for vacancies customers. Sometimes search reveals even non-existent companies  not legally or in fact. Such situations arise from the fact that the applicants were either dismissed for violation of labor discipline, without observance of corporate policies and behavior, or for fraud, and, hiding it, they do not indicate the true name of the company, which worked, but creating fictitious. In recent years, when the struggle for a place under the sun, that is for a good job, tougher with each passing day, more and more applicants knowingly submit false information in the summary, suggesting that this way they will find good work. Therefore, recruitment is only a summary, not only is not an effective way, but risky for the corporate and financial stability of the enterprise.


Anna Rybchenko